What word in the English language has 3 consecutive double letters?

BOOKKEEPERAn old riddle asks, “Can you name a word via three consecutive double letters?” One feasible answer is WOOLLEN – ‘double U, double O, double L, …’ A more satisfying solution is BOOKKEEPER (or BOOKKEEPING), the only common words through a consecutive triple double.

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What English word has actually consecutive double letters?

More Details. Bookkeeper is the just English word that has actually three consecutive double letters.

Which is the only word through 3 consecutive double letters?

What English word has 3 consecutive double letters? “Bookkeeper” and also “bookkeeping” and also “sweet-toothed” have actually three consecutive sets of double letters. “Subbookkeeper” is the just word found in an English language dictionary with 4 pairs of double letters in a row.

What is an instance of a word via 3 letters?

It’s spelled ballooning. Bookkeeper, bookkeeping, bookkeepers are 3. There are other words that have hyphons in them that are taken into consideration by some to have actually three consecutive double letters. Some examples are deer-reeve, feed-door, and also heel-footed.

What carry out you contact a area through two double letters?

An alternative, tricky, answer can be Woollen (wright here W is a “double u”). And for a place/suburb in Brisbane Australia, Woolloongabba. what around “balloonning”? It’s spelled ballooning.

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Are tbelow any type of English words via a double A?

English-beginning words via double-A encompass aah (to express pleasure), baa (to bleat favor a sheep), ma’am (contraction of madam), Kwanzaa (based upon Swahili, however coined by Maulana Karenga through the last a representing the Seven Principles of Afrihave the right to Heritage), and initialisms such as NAACP.

Are tbelow any type of words through three consecutive letters?

5 Answers 5. Tright here is no word via three consecutive letters under the most narrowhead meaning of “genuine word”, but there are numerous words of the complying with types: Tbelow are many type of acronyms/initialisms that contain triple letters, prefer AAA, AIEEE, KKK, WWW, or Roguy numerals choose xviii. Kaaawa, a area in Hawaii.

What words have two sets of double letters?

Feed, excellent, and kiss are 3 examples of words via double letters. Use the clues and also fill in the blanks to discover words through consecutive double letters. Remember, these words have actually 2 sets of double letters in a row! 1. A woodwind instrument that days earlier to the mid 1sixth century. 2. A sweet treat that is occasionally made with nuts or raisins. 3.

What are words via double letters?

Let’s take a look at the various forms of words that incorporate double letters:3 letter words like all, add, bee, boo, ell, ebb, egg, fee, goo, too, tee, check out, these are all double letter words.

What are some things via double letters?

AGLOO. Don’t have an I for IGLOO? use this double-double-lettered word meaning a tree-lined walkmeans. usage that additional T to expect the freshwater fish. BRATTICE. DRESSAGE. FUGGY. GHYLL. GRAAL. HEELER. HELLUVA.