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Lately I’ve noticed a few of our piggie friends comment asking ” Why is my guinea pig nibbling my fingers ?” or generally biting or nipping them during lap time. Now it’s so easy to feel a little anxious to handle them more upon being bitten by our oh so faithful piggies. However there are different reason why your guinea pig maybe biting you and solutions that may even help!

Why is my guinea pig biting me ? 

Something smells good! :- More often than not if you’ve been handling foods or preparing treats for your guinea pigns , its easy for them to mistaken your fingers for food. Therefore its pretty important that you wash your hands prior to handling your guinea pig to prevent this from happening.

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I’m kinda grumpy right now! :- Guinea pigs have off days to and sometimes just don’t want to be handled, particularly if they’re in the middle of eating. So first see if your guinea pig wants to interact with you by opening its enclosure door and talking to it then you can try picking him /her up for some lap time.You’re holding me wrong : Holding your guinea pig the right way is important in making them feel safe and secure during handling. If your guinea pig is being held in a way they don’t like, they may nibble you to just say ” excuse me but I’m not very comfy this way”. It may also help to sit down with your guinea pig to help make it feel more secure.I’m just experimenting : Some piggies are cheeky little guys and like to experiment, mostly when they are still babies coming up to adulthood. This is another reason why they may nibble and bite, although piggies are known to be really placid creatures.

Will my guinea pig always bite ?

Guinea pig’s as they mature do often grow out of biting or nibbling, although taming and spending time bonding with your guinea pig is sure to help the process. Don’t be down hearted if your little one nibbles you from time to time, wearing a long sleeve jumper might help to protect your arms and place your piggie on your lap keeping your potentially nibbled fingers out of reach.

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Note : Don’t scold your guinea pig if it does happen to nibble or bite you. Guinea pig’s are not like dogs in the sense they need to be prompted on bad behavior, just calmly place the guinea pig back in its cage should this happen.

Hope this helps some of you who are trouble by nibbly piggies! If there’s anything else you’d love to see from guineapig wheekly let us know!