Ever since Greek yogurt became a thing for all its nutritional value, there is one thing we all can"t seem to look past. Its taste. Why is the flavor that tart? What happened to the traditional sweetness of regular yogurt? Well, in order to try and fix this, I"ve come up with a few ingredients that will show you how to make Greek yogurt taste good. 

But, first of all, why is it so bitter? Well, turns out that after the fermentation process, Greek yogurt is strained more times than regular yogurt. This makes it have that signature thick texture and, most importantly, brings out the strong and bitter flavors that bacteria may cause once the yogurt is fermented. 


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Strawberries are not only sweet enough to make you forget about the real taste of Greek yogurt, but they are also loaded with fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. So you are not only adding that amazing taste to your yogurt, but also a ton of health benefits.


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If there is one thing that can make you forget about the bitterness of Greek yogurt, it"s honey. Its texture combines perfectly with the thickness of the Greek yogurt and adds a very natural and sweet taste to it. 


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Pecans are delicious and full of that sweet nutty flavor we all love. The crunch of pecans pairs perfectly with the tartness of Greek yogurt. 


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Cranberries don"t only have an important nutritional value, but they also work if you want to really cover up the taste of Greek yogurt. Since cranberries are not very sweet, this is a good alternative for someone who doesn"t have the biggest sweet tooth. 


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If you need a quick and healthy breakfast option, mix some granola in your Greek yogurt. This will keep releasing energy as the day moves on and keep you satisfied if you only have time for a quick snack or short lunch after.


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If you are not into the tart flavor of cranberries, nor the meaty texture of strawberries, blueberries are a good option for you. These sweet berries are a perfect complement to your Greek yogurt. 

So, for all you health-conscious readers, you are welcome. I hope we"ve given you enough ways to show you that there are a lot of ways how to make Greek yogurt taste good while taking advantage of all its health benefits and those of the different toppings. 

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