There is absolutely no doubt that Tolkien’s The mr of the Rings trilogy is among the most significant fantasy works ever written. And although there space numerous academic studies the the totality trilogy and also its narrative elements, there space still concerns that confuse the reader or room left unanswered. Today, us have determined to take among those questions and also answer it because that you, therefore keep analysis to uncover out more!

Frodo, Gandalf, and also the other protagonists of the trilogy leave v the elves for Valinor, the Undying Lands, where they are granted a peaceful retirement and also potentially even immortality.

The mr of the Rings is a high fantasy epic written by English writer J.R.R. Tolkien. Collection in the fictional Middle-Earth, the collection consists of number of books and also tells various stories indigenous the past, present and also future of Middle-Earth. The chief narrative was presented in The lord of the Rings trilogy, which follows a Hobbit, Frodo Baggins, and the Fellowship the the Ring, on their search to Mordor, where Frodo has actually to damage Sauron’s ring and finally loss the angry tyrant. That is among the most popular fantasy franchises ever and has been adjusted several times, as an man film, as a feature film trilogy and as a collection of various video clip games.

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As much as Gandalf is concerned, his motives room clear. As one of the Maiar, Gandalf in reality stems from Valinor and he is just returning home. Gandalf was initially sent come Middle-Earth on a mission and once that mission was efficiently done, he might finally return to his genuine home.

Frodo’s motives, ~ above the other hand, aren’t the clear because they have actually never been clearly stated. There is an concern with exactly how Frodo was, together a mortal, even permitted into Valinor, but it is assumed that he was granted passage based upon his efforts in beating Sauron. Why did the accept? Well, Frodo was still physically and also mentally scarred from his adventures and from attract the Ring, so it is assumed the he made decision to go to Valinor come retire in tranquility as the hero that is. This is, the course, simply a theory and despite being very probable, us cannot think about it to it is in the definitive answer because Tolkien never shown it.

Why do the other characters leave for Valinor?

As far as the rest of the Fellowship is concerned, they all leave v the Elves to be gain their heroic statuses and to enjoy the fruits of their labour. This is why the expedition to Valinor is viewed as gift the can be fried reward for the initiatives of every these characters and also we have the right to only include that it is a well-deserved reward, indeed.

The Elves are, the course, simply returning home. As Tolkien’s The Silmarillion explains, the Elves, as immortal beings, had lived in Valinor prior to eventually being expelled native the Undying Lands since they rebelled against the gods that resided in Valinor. As the year went by, the gods forgave the Elves and they were permitted to go back to their homeland, which they gradually did, many of them in ~ least. The ship cruising for Valinor at the finish of the trilogy was actually carrying the Elves ago home.

As because that Bilbo and also Sam, that is not well-known why precisely they went to Valinor, however it is presumed the they were invited to live amongst the gods due to the fact that of their solutions in beating Sauron and also destroying the Ring. Tolkien probably wanted his heroes go obtain a fitting end to their stories, for this reason he sent them far to live among the gods, i m sorry is an unfathomable honour for anyone who’s no an Elf.

And this covers our evaluation of this two really interesting questions. We have answered both of your concerns in complete detail, giving you every known truth we have managed to find. Currently that you recognize where they went and also why they go there, you can use this details to assist you when debating with your friends.

And it is it because that today.

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Us hope you had fun analysis this and that we helped solve this dilemma for you. See you following time and don’t forget to monitor us!