3 dangers of this monster habit.9 factors why dog lick other dogs’ ears.5 advice you have the right to do to protect against your dog from licking other dogs’ ears.And lot much more…

Why carry out dogs lick various other dogs’ ears?

Dogs lick other dogs’ ear for reasons such together it’s a type of greeting, liking earwax, being submissive, grooming, showing affection, or having a compulsive disorder. That could likewise be that they’re being anxious, bonding with the others or the other dog has an ear infection.

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9 factors why dog lick other dogs’ ears

#1: It’s their other way to say ‘Hello’

Just as soon as you assumed that sniffing butts space gross, below comes licking ears. Apparently, this actions is another method for dog to greet every other.

You’ve probably seen your dog sniff other dog’s butts a million times. (Sometimes, they even do it to you).

According come VCA Hospitals, this behavior permits them to know details about the other dog’s health.

By sniffing their butt, it lets your pooch understand their sex, diet, or also sicknesses they might have. All due to the fact that of the scent their anus gives off.

But what about licking ears? does ear scent also carry out a dog’s well-being?

Not really.

The reason why they lick every other’s ear is just to greet ‘Hello’. The an alternate to butt-sniffing, if I may say.

However, this varies.

As part shy dogs won’t lick the within of various other dogs’ ear upfront. Some will resolve in the outside component first. With tiny licks here and also there to check boundaries.

Then they’d relocate to the interior part of the ear as they get more comfortable through each other.

#2: They prefer the taste that earwax

“Why room you grossed out, human?

Earwax is yummy. The salty and it smells funky… you should shot it!”

Uhm. Thanks, however no thanks, doggo.

Another reason why dogs would certainly lick other dogs’ ear is that they choose the taste that earwax.

So don’t stress and anxiety too lot when her pooch’s one ear-licker. Opportunities are they’re just being…dogs. And dogs prefer weird and also smelly stuff.

(Unless castle doing the excessively, ok talk around this later on on.)

So those in earwax that some dogs favor licking the heck out of?

Earwax, or likewise known as cerumen, has:

Pollen.Microbes.Dirt and also debris.Dead skin cells.

All the these type an appealing combination to dogs. And also canines can’t get enough of it.

#3: They’re being submissive


Licking ear is typical for dogs. They execute this to groom each various other or together a type of their bonding activity.

If this is what’s happening v your pooches, climate let them enjoy it.

“But mine dog licks my various other dog’s ear for this reason much. He already has licking wounds from it…”

My, five my.

In this case, you have the right to stop her pooch through distracting them. And also then divert their attention to something else.

To properly do this, you must sidetrack them with another task that lock like. (Something that’s more fun 보다 licking ears.)

Like playing fetch with the various other dogs. Or take them all for a drive.

Oh, and before i forget.

In this sort of situation, offering your dog treats isn’t advisable.

Because if friend do, her dog could think the they’re obtaining rewarded for licking other dogs’ ears. Thus, they’ll be more encouraged to execute this.

#2: settle the source of the cause

To protect against your dog’s licking habit, girlfriend must first know the factor why they’re doing this. Or rather they’d continue using licking ear as your blanket that security.

Are lock doing this due to the fact that of anxiety?

In this case, you have actually to help build their confidence. Desensitize them to the things they’re fear of.

You can also expose them to different things gradually. This way, they’ll acquire less scared and anxious in new environments.

Now, if your licking is since they’re being submissive to the other dogs, ask because that a dog behaviorist’s advice.

#3: offer them an interaction toy

If you want to prevent a dog who likes to lick earwax, provide them something rather to beat (and eat) instead. Choose a Kong.

A Kong toy is interactive. It’s play by shiver it and trying to make the kibbles come the end of the hole.

With this, your pooch will have the same experience as trying to get earwax out. Yet this time, they’re not bothering various other dogs.

They’ll likewise spend much more time playing v it, therefore lessening their boredom.

And let’s confront it. Playing with chew toys is an ext acceptable 보다 licking earwax, no it?

#4: Teach castle the ‘Leave it’ command

Your various other dogs are starting to get annoyed v your pooch who’s gained a licking problem.


So to store the peace and quiet in ~ home, teach her licking pooch the ‘Leave it’ command. Hopefully, you deserve to curb your dog’s habit prior to it turns into an obsession.

Just follow this 5 an easy steps.

Hold a dog act in her hand. Then let her dog sniff it.Ignore their attempts to take it out.Once they avoid and ago away, open up your hand and give them the treat.Repeat steps 1-3.Introduce the word ‘Leave it’ as quickly as they ago away by themselves.

Practice this v your pooch as frequently as you can. And use it to protect against them when they’re trying come lick your other dog’s ears.

#5: Clean your other dogs’ ears

Trivia: Research reflects that canine ears might contain countless bacterias and also yeasts. It is why ear infections are harder come treat. To avoid this, you must prevent it prior to it occurs.

Do you have actually an earwax-licker dog? (Don’t worry. Nobody’s evaluate here.)

In this situation, you have actually to get rid of the reason of the problem. I beg your pardon is the earwax itself.

So what you have to do is clean your dogs’ ear regularly.

This will lessen grooming sessions. And also prevent ear infections from earwax and also bacteria build-ups.

Check the end this video below come see exactly how you can properly clean her dog’s ears at home:

People likewise ask:

What walk it typical when a masculine dog licks a mrs dog’s ear?

A male dog licks a woman dog’s ear because it’s a method to show bond and affection. This actions doesn’t necessarily typical that she going through a warm cycle.

Unlike the anus and vaginal region, ears don’t provide off the heat scent that female dogs produce.

Thus, licking ears does not make them feeling aroused.

What the outer part of their ears releases room pheromones. That what girlfriend can call the ‘feel-good’ or the ‘happy’ hormone that can assist relax dogs.

Wait, there’s more.

Another reason why the male pooch will lick the female’s ear is the he’s organize her.

He’s cleaning her ears. And also maybe he’s additionally trying to gain a taste that the earwax delicacy most dogs love.


Can a dog licking another dog’s ear cause an ear infection?

A dog licking another’s dog’s ear can reason an ear infection. This is because damp ears have the right to be reproduction grounds because that bacteria.

Dogs have the right to smell infection. It’s one of the factors why they’d desire to lick various other dogs’ ears.

But what around a dog that doesn’t have actually an ear infection?

In this case, they may start to have actually one. Particularly when the various other dog’s licking is extreme.

This happens once there’s too much saliva in the other dogs’ ears.

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Because it’s constantly moist, it’s more prone to bacteria, fungi, and yeast growth. This results in the other dogs’ ears becoming itchy.