I acquired my German shepherd together a 10 main puppy and also she has actually grown alongside my (currently 1year old) cat. Mine dog is now about 9 months and she and also the cat have constantly mostly gained along untill, for around the previous week she will continually bark at my cat untill she is the end of sight. This actions is new and an extremely obnoxious, being the just around everytime my cat come out of a room, over there is continuous barking for around a minute or so. Ns would an extremely much appreciate any kind of helpful information, tips, or solutions regarding this issue. Thanks

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Casey R.

Something might have happened while you were away - a girlfriend of mine has actually a cat and dog that coexist with each other okay most of the time however on chance she will swat that in the face and also he barks in ~ her leading to tension in between them.

I would try some training methods with her by lucrative her for being calm and also quiet and not barking roughly the cat. Try to progressively introduce the cat into the space and if her dog remains quiet and also does not exhibit that actions - price that. Eventually with time and patience, the barking could stop. :)

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