Did the teachers know that Hermione has a Time-Turner? for example, once a Boggart is announced throughout Professor Lupin’s great in Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermione is greeted through both boys saying “When go she acquire here?”. Professor Lupin does not say anything.

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Although us now recognize Professor McGonagall gave her this device, did the various other teachers know that she had actually this in she possession?




Mysterious thing, time. Powerful.And, when meddled with...dangerous. Sirius black is in thetopmost cabinet of the Dark Tower.(to Hermione)You recognize the laws, miss Granger.You have to not be seen. And also youwould, i feel, do well to returnbefore this critical chime. If not...well, the aftermath are reallytoo ghastly to discuss. Threeturns should do it, i think. Ifyou succeed, much more than oneinnocent life might be sparedtonight.


Probably not.Obviously, native Rahul\"s answer, we know that Dumbledore knew. However, there was no reason various other teachers had actually to know about the Time-Turner. For every they knew, Hermione simply walked in after her two friends and there was no factor to be pertained to by a simple, \"When walk she gain here?\" of course, we have no indication one method or the other, yet I don\"t think it would certainly be crucial for the various other teachers to know.

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Contrary to the other responses I believe they go not based on Hagrids remark that they can have to be able to apply for time turners to take his class in their 6th years, to which they respond they were ruined at the ministry last year. This would indicate that teachers other than top of house and Dumbledore are conscious of it. No to cite they speak to every other around their classes and students obviously and the truth that she is in multiple great at once would come up.


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