because i recognize vageta during the cell saga becomes super vageta wich is a super buff super saiyan and trunks becomes ascfinished saiyan wbelow he looks kinda like
( I have constantly assumed Gohan in the time of the perfect cell saga reaches super saiyan 2 initially, am i worn or was gohan simply the strongest super saiyan 2.

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In the display goku has a flash ago of gohan in the hyperbolic time chamber. He claims gohan reached a brand-new level that he couldn't begin to fathom. For a split second it shoes gohan go ssj2 then ssj1 and earlier to base form.

And remember this is his ssj1 develop.

It's been a while and I can't argue against the lightning showing up for Gohan, yet I believed I remember Goku saying that Gohan could reach a greater form of SSJ with the implication that he didn't reach it yet but that if he was pushed sufficient, he would.

Again, I might exceptionally well be wrong.

Edit: looks like others have actually already disputed this below...

I believe it is implied that Gohan transforms ss2 in the hyperbolic time chamber as soon as training with Goku in anticipation for the andrioids(?).

I'm pretty certain that was actually him getting to SSJ1 on and off as soon as he's training to reach it and also maintain it. They don't show him go SSJ2 however they carry out imply via Goku talking about their training that he had gone over SSJ.

look at super trunks and also super vegeta as super saiyan 1.5, gohan got to 2 prior to anyone and also at one suggest was the strongest z warrior.

At numerous points Gohan is the strongest including the last saga. Mystic Gohan is the strongest unfoffered character in DBZ.

'Vageta'.... Wow.

Also, it was Gohan, like everyone else shelp. Vegeta and Trunks were making use of SSJ 1.5 ish.

Trunks didn't hit ascended saiyan in the cell saga. Both he and vegeta simply buffed up and slowed down.

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Technically Trunks buffed as much as Ultra Super Saiyan which led to him to become bulky and slow, Vegeta went Ascfinished Super Saiyan which I don't think causes a decrease in speed. Or if it does it isn't a drastic decrease prefer Ultra.