Way back in August of 2015 I got an e-mail in my inbox that made me perk up my ears.

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Now, I have to tell you, most likely 90 percent of requests from strangers that I get using email go straight into the trash. But this email, also though it was a request from a stranger, and it was a small on the long side, gained my attention.

And this womale, Denise Logan of Chase What Matters, gained an invitation to be on my podcast.

That said, it has actually taken a year and also a fifty percent for the recording to go live, which is really embarrassing.

Even more embarrassing, tright here are actually 5 more conversations from that exact same time period that are still waiting to be publimelted.

Why has it taken so long?

(And by the method, I published another conversation through Alessandra Wall surface a pair of weeks ago, which I shelp in that recording was from Fevery one of 2016. Correction: that conversation was actually videotaped in 2015.)

Well, if you’ve been adhering to me for any time at all, you deserve to guess why these recordings have actually been languishing on my difficult drive: perfectionist paralysis.

In other words, I acquired it in my head that I essential not only to edit the episodes perfectly, however provide transcripts, or at leastern phenomenal present notes, every one of which are extremely time-consuming.

So as each week’s podcast deadline approached, rather of digging right into the vault of recordings, I’d default to putting out a monologue. Due to the fact that I recognize how to develop a monologue in a method that won’t take me two or three (or more) complete days of my time!

It just seemed choose so much much less work-related, so those wonderful videotaped conversations have actually languiburned all this time.


Thankfully, there’s an antidote to perfectionist paralysis: intentional imperfectionism.

In various other words, permitting myself — and foroffering myself — for being humale.

Accepting that probably it’s okay to put podactors episodes out without transcripts and in-depth display notes.

(In this case, this preamble attributes as the show notes. If you’re analysis, you’ll really want to listen to the recording to hear the juicy conversation!)

But back to that email that landed in my inbox a year and a fifty percent earlier. This is what Denise sent out me that gained me to invite her onto the show:

Hi, Melissa, hope you are well! I am responding to your write-up on the FB web page searching for podcast guests who can talk around how creative thinking changed their life. I deserve to chat about a pair of different angles on this:

After 15 years as a lawyer, I bought a floral dress that readjusted the way I witnessed myself and also I inevitably ran off in my motorhome and also for numerous years wright here I did a different job FOR FREE once a month simply to watch what someone else’s life was like. Dairy farm, lobster boat, furniture manufacturing facility – sure adjusted the method I experienced the world roughly me external of my previous intellectual prikid and also opened up the method to a more creative life.I “accidentally” established The Dream Box Project – we make boxes chock-complete of college gives, toiletries and also toys for children living in long-term foster treatment. Each box is decorated by the volunteer that packed it and has a message of hope for the kid. Last year we packed 11,000 Dream Boxes and they are altering the stays of the volunteers who make them and the kids that get them.I’ve been doing a series of talks called “I’m OK via just how I am … also if exactly how I am is not OK” – Healing from the Loss of Your Dream. Although eexceptionally among us will face some type of a loss (illness, betrayal, financial hardship, divorce, death) which signals the loss of a dream we hosted dear, many of us finish up confront to confront through loss tragically unready and also so are those roughly us. The art of grieving is the greatest gift I’ve given myself and also the world I love.What happens as soon as your old answer to the question “What Do You Do?” no much longer fits? If you thought you are what you do, and all of a sudden you don’t carry out it anyeven more, carry out you not exist? Finding new and artistic ways to answer that question has been my very own occupational and also that of my clients. Now, if you ask me “What Do You Do?” I’ll answer you “I’m The Sparkle Fairy” and also if that made you laugh, I simply did my job!

If any type of of these feel like an interesting fit for your show, I’d be happy to have a chat.

Big sparkly hug,


THAT is an example of just how to create an e-mail to an “influencer” and obtain them to sit up and take alert. Denise had something to sell that was super valuable and exciting to me. She wasn’t just trying to get somepoint from me — she had somepoint to provide me.

She had a means to provide me an possibility for a basic “yes.” So I did.

Our conversation was so juicy and wealthy, I’m virtually glad it took me so long to publish it (not really, but almost), bereason I obtained to listen to it aobtain choose I was hearing it for the initially time. I hope you’ll have actually a listen too, and obtain some sparkle from Denise Logan, the Sparkle Fairy.


Resources in this Episode

Denise’s webwebsite,

How Will You Meacertain Your Life? by Clayton Christensen (aff)

The Number by Lee Eisenberg (aff)

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