here’s a in-depth rundown that why the van from Smokey and also the Bandit had actually to it is in the 1974 Kenworth W900A.

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Smokey and The Bandit truck Replica
The 70s and 80s observed no scarcity of vehicle madness in movies. Among the many spell-binding productions during that era to be 1977’s Smokey and also The Bandit. The production collection out to crack ribs, and with a $300 million return at the box office, it showed to be much more than same to the task; and also while we are at it, if friend like vehicle action, you will no doubt loss in love v the 1974 Kenworth W900a semi-truck that graced our displays throughout the movie. The 2 speedsters that the film, butt Reynolds (“The Bandit”) and also Jerry Reed (“The Snowman”) room seen hurtling across states, Bandit in a scathingly rapid 1977 Pontiac trans Am, with Snowman playing capture up in the Kenworth.

The duo is bending on carrying 400 instances of really illegal at the moment Coors beer indigenous Texarkana come Atlanta in an impossible 28 hours, a feat whose odds they collection out come beat having actually being lured in with a payout the $80,000. Reaching Texarkana whole hour front of time, they were off to a good start. Their return journey confirmed to be far from perfect, as everything soon descended right into chaos.

The 1974 Kenworth semi-truck organized its very own throughout the film, and also while the trucking sector was walk strong in the 70s, Smokey and also the Bandit did fire up a good chunk that would-be truckers. Here’s a in-depth rundown of why the truck from Smokey and also the Bandit had actually to it is in the 1974 Kenworth W900A.

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First, Here"s part Backstory on The Kenworth W900A

Kenworth 2019 - A replica from Smokey and the Bandit Via: Twitter
The Kenworth W900 is a heat of cab-over-chassis trucks produced by the van manufacturing firm Paccar, a luck 500 firm that is likewise responsible for Leyland, Peterbilt, and also DAF trucks.

The W900 series made the debut in 1961, through the an initial W900A model showing up in 1967. The Kenworth W900A was quite the leap over its predecessor, as it featured larger diesel engines, and also a wider hood come accommodate a larger radiator. In the years from 1967 leading up to 1974, over there was an emphasis on making whatever larger top top the truck. The Kenworth branch that Paccar would certainly go on come implement minor style changes top top the truck however nothing also drastic readjusted up till the model line was replaced in 1982 by the W900B.

if we’re acquisition a trip down storage lane, let us allude out the the ‘W’ in the model designation stands for Worthington. Even an ext notable, Kenworth is a portmanteau that stems indigenous Harry Kent and also Edgar Worthington, the two principal starting fathers that Kenworth.

Kenworth W900 truck transforming under a bridge Via:

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with a huge hood and also a ton of power beneath claimed hood, the truck is heaved by a twin-turbo Cummins, through the occasional truck carrying a 3408 Cat instead. The BBC (bumper to back-of-cab) because that the W900 model ranges from 121 inches to 130 inches, which renders it among the largest cabs you have the right to find.

throughout its unveiling, the Kenworth W900A featured Kenworth’s newly released 8-bag suspension, and the truck conveniently gained a reputation for its soothing ride ~ above the road. This to be further amplified by the fact that the truck featured a lush inner that to be decked out in thick leather padding and also even had a shelf in the bunk come accommodate a TV. This was a 70s truck, save in mind. Winters to be hardly noticed, provided the good insulation in ~ the cab and also summer to be a breeze with the air conditioning built-in (albeit no every unit came with air-conditioning).

The developers at Kenworth no doubt pulled out all the stops through their do of the W900A, as it had actually heads turning every which means with its vast grille bars, and also multi-colored paint tasks that might be ordered ideal from the factory.