How to Connect Speakers to your PC

Tright here are multiple audio configurations feasible for connecting speakers to your computer system audio. Refer to your speaker"s documentation and also your motherboard or sound card hand-operated for extra assistance.

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Below is an example of onboard audio ports.


Most computers today have onboard audio, with at least the 3 conventional analog audio ports: (6, 7, 8)

They may also encompass added analog ports for multi-channel relationships...: (3, 4, 5)

...and digital ports for digital audio out to your sound system: (1, 2)

Users that configure their devices via PCI sound cards added in and also disable the onboard sound may have a various assortment of ports. The Creative Audigy card in the image listed below reflects (from left to right):


1394 port

Center/Bass Channel

Side (Left/Right) Channels

Audio Out


Line In

(RCA style) Coaxial S/PDIF

The audio card in the image listed below has a different configuration yet again (from left to right):


FlexiJack — Combination Microphone/Line In or S/PDIF digital out

Audio Out — (Line 1 Out)

Rear Channel — (Line 2 Out)

Center/Rear Center/Subwoofer Channel — (Line 3 Out)

The audio ports in the image appropriate are from the C90S notebook (from left to right):


Left — Microphone

Right — Combicountry Port (Headphone or S/PDIF digital out)


Cable Type 1

The connector form used for analog relationships, the typical 3.5mm male stereo jack frequently supplied for stereo headphones or 2-channel speakers.


Cable Type 2

The connector form supplied for digital relationships via coaxial S/PDIF.


Cable Type 3

The connector type supplied for digital relations by means of fiber-optic S/PDIF. The picture presented is of a typical Toslink cable through an optional mini Toslink adapter.

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Microphone: Pink microphone cable to the Pink port

Audio Line In: Line In cable to the Blue port

2-Speaker or 2.1 Channel Configuration: Green speaker cable to the Environment-friendly port

4.1 Channel Configuration: Green speaker cable to the Eco-friendly port, black speaker cable to the Black or Grey port

5.1, 6.1, 7.1 Channel Configuration: Environment-friendly speaker cable to the Environment-friendly port, babsence speaker cable to the Babsence port, oselection speaker cable to the Ovariety port

Please Note: Additional purchase of cables and/or adapters may be compelled for interopercapacity with your sound tools.