Old clothes with pockets are a great place to hide anything and everything. You could hide cigarette packs, condoms and even love letters. 

2. Behind neatly stacked books or inside them. 



Photographs you don"t want anyone to see, "I love you" notes and money. 

3. Inside potted plants. 



Quite an interesting place to hide stuff, right? Just make sure the plants are not watered that often, or that you"re the one watering them. 

4. In DVD cases.

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Just check inside before you decide to lend your DVDs to someone!

5. In your piggy bank.



You can hide anything that fits in the slots. Condoms or maybe that ring your boyfriend gave you? 

6. Inside the battery compartment of a remote control.



You can definitely hide something in there, but we"re not sure what!

7. Inside a shoe.



Anything and everything! Even a quarter of vodka manages to fit in here.

8. In an old bag.



Alcohol, gifts from your significant other, clothes you don"t want your parents to see and just about anything. Make sure it gives a not-in-use-anymore vibe.

9. Under neatly stacked clothes. 



The perfect place to hide your personal diary. No one actually looks inside an organised almirah. It"s a win-win.

10. Cold drink bottles.



You know exactly what to do. 

11. Flush tank.



Yes, slightly disgusting. But that"s exactly why no one will think of looking there. 

12. The gap between a bulb and its holder.



That would be really niche, but could be a probable good spot. Nothing inflammable though!

13. The latch of the door 



Cigarette spot. 

14. Inside a bean bag.



Open it, dump everything and zip it. Do remember that you hid all the "secret" stuff inside it.

15. Inside a teddy bear.



Inspired from Bollywood of the 60s and 70s, just the way smugglers used to hide diamonds. 

16. In your car.



 Our favourite. You could even hide a person inside! Just ensure nobody steals your car keys. 

17. Between the false ceiling and the actual ceiling.

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One of the most creative spots to hide stuff. Just be careful of the maid who has the responsibility of cleaning it.