If friend ask any type of Brazilian what the most commonlast name in Brazil is, for sure the answer will be “Silva.”

Silva, i m sorry in Latin method “forest” or “jungle,”was carried by the Portuguese during the emigration of Brazil. The surname wasoften provided to those who did not have a family name or those that were not surewhich city or region they come from. Thus, Silva spread quickly throughoutBrazil. The earliest record of this castle in Brazil is the of a tailor, Pedroda Silva, from 1612.

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Learn the meaning of your Surname

Many slaves after the Lei Áurea (GoldenLaw) also embraced the lock Silva to start their resides as freedmen.

As we will view in this article, other Portuguesesurnames have additionally become quite renowned in Brazil. Walk you know that the vastmajority of the Brazilian population has one Iberian surname?


A patronymic surname could also be created using the father’s firstname, as in Pedro João, an interpretation Pedro, child of João.

As an example of matronymicsurnames, we could have Antonio Mariano (Antonio,son the Maria), or, in the instance of daughters, Maria Isabel, an interpretation Maria,daughter of Isabel.


Some Brazilian surnames(including Portuguese surnames) describe a place where the human was born or livedor to geographic functions near where they lived.

Examples of these surnames areAlmeida, Azevedo, Braga, Barros, Brazil, Bahiense, Campos, Cardoso, Correia,Castro (old castle), Costa, Fontes, Guimarães, Magalhães, Macedo, Matos,Pedreira, Queirós, Ribeiro, Rocha, Siqueira or Sequeira (dry place), Serra,Souza, Teixeira, and Valle.

Some toponymic names space of native origin, such as Jatobá,Parahyba, Palmeira, Pitanga, Pitangui, and Suassuna.


In Brazil, surnames withreligious definition are very common. This surnames developed mainly due to the fact that ofthe abandonment of kids in orphanages and religious institutions during thecolonial period. These children were generally baptized through the name of a saintthat was associated with the job on which lock were uncovered or baptized. That wasalso a usual practice because that a person converting to Catholicism to change hislast name together a means of demonstrating his brand-new faith.

In the case of infant girls, “Maria”was commonly the provided name the was the very first choice, followed by among theVirgin Mary’s honorific denominations, because that example, Maria da Anunciação, Maria da Consolação, Maria daGraça, Maria Imaculada, Maria perform Céu, and also so on.

Non-Portuguese last Names inBrazil

With the immigrant of human being from other nations (Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Poland,Lebanon, China, Japan, and others), the diversity of surnames in Brazil hasincreased.

Some international surnames havechanged their spelling for numerous generations and today can not be known intheir house countries, such as the lock Collor (from the German surname Koeller).


First Names together Last Names

Among an initial names offered as surnames,we deserve to note spiritual names such as Maria da Conceição and Maria de Jesus,where Conceição and also Jesus, although used typically as given names, were given assurnames in some cases where youngsters did not have a household name.

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Also in Brazil, descendantsof famous civilization sometimes usage the name and surname of one ancestor together acompound surname, permitting them to be easily figured out as progeny of thefamous ancestor. These critical names include Ruy Barbosa, critical Brasil, and also MiguelPereira.

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