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So, because of the high demand for an excellent overview and insider knowledge, I feel the must execute some helper write-ups. This mini-series of the write-up will be to aid those new budding pokemon trainers get on their feet in Crystal Clear. It is also to assist straight you to the place where you can acquire appropriately updated on the Crystal Clear happenings. In the light that various other sites have actually duplicated and also pasted stuff from the documentation, I’d quite allude you in the appropriate direction. I’ll administer some insight and also play tips, however remember that you have the right to find all this information on your own in the docs. This series won’t be all-encompassing yet will certainly cover some more commonly searched topics. And aobtain, my ideal reference though for all the information you require is to examine the documentation, wright here all this information is obtainable. So without further aperform, I think the a lot of pressing matter is the area of HMs.

HMs and Their Locations

HM05 Flash

So, I think it’s much better to gain the least advantageous out of the way: HM05 Flash. This HM really doesn’t have actually a usage various other than in a few caves in the game. It is only obtainable after obtaining one badge. You can acquire this from either Sprout Tower on the initially floor of the Scientist hiding in the pokecenter exterior Rock Tunnel on Route 10. This makes sense given that it lights caves up, I guess.

HM01 Cut

HM01 is only obtainable after gaining 2 badges. Your choices are to go view the charcoal kiln or the gateresidence on the East fifty percent of Route 2 and talk to the Scientist. This badge has energy in opening up particular bonus areas to permit gaining more loots. Your other alternative is to foracquire about getting it and also go through acquiring the Sword instead. The Sword is obtainable by doing a side quest in Cherrygrove Bay West of Cherrygrove City. This side search needs no badges.

HM06 Whirlpool

This HM never before adjusted area, however the needs for it were transformed to fit even more through the premise. You need to either beat Clair as your first gym to open up Dragon’s Den or have actually 2 badges to open it up. It’s really straightforward, but Whirlpool really only has a use approximately the Whirl Islands wbelow you find a details legendary. Also, Squirtle stays there, as well.

HM02 Fly

So, Fly may be the many useful of the HMs in terms of consumption in the game. It gets you from location to location really quickly. It additionally enables going to most of the places on the map when you teach it. This one needs you to have 3 badges though but is pretty simple to find. If you have actually played a Gen1 game in your life then you have to be able to discover the Kanto area on Route 16, West of Celadon. In Johto, it’s the same place as vanilla, from Chuck’s wife wandering exterior Ciantimber Gym. Your other choice is to gain Kenya from the guard in the gateresidence north of Goldenrod, and also if you occur to finish that quest, you carry out keep Kenya. Kenya can be derived without getting those pesky badges, after which Fly is yours to command.

HM03 Surf

So, this is among the few HMs that have a area that calls for no badges. If you go the Safari Warden’s Housage in Fuschia City, to the East of the Pokefacility, it’s in the boxes. You have the right to just go up and take one or talk to the Warden’s daughter first. Nonetheless, it’s complimentary for the taking without any restrictions. The various other place, on the other hand, needs four Badges and also is in the Dance Theater in Ecruteak. You just gotta talk to the boy in tbelow (though not the Rhyhorn guy; that male gives you the Clear Bell).

HM04 Strength

This is our final HM via the possibility of two different demands relying on the region. You deserve to gain it complimentary, without restriction in the Olivine Cafe from the Seafarer in the middle of the room. He simply desires to assist you light-weights obtain some meat on those bones. The Kanto location needs 4 badges and is acquired from the Sailor to the East as you come onto the Vermilion Docks (he’s brown).

HM07 Waterfall

This is just one of our few badges that is just complimentary for the taking. HM07 can be discovered in the same location in Johto on Ice Path and you don’t need any kind of badges for it. You still must slide on the ice, yet that is around it.

Optimum Startup Pathing

So, my initially pick of things to grab is the HM Surf from Fuschia. North of Cerulean tbelow is a Fast Ferry area and you just take that to Cinnabar. The Quick Ferry terminal tbelow connects to Fuschia; just go via the door and also to the East. Then you deserve to go back to the terminal after grabbing Surf and go to Olivine. The Quick Ferry dock is West of Olivine so you have to head East. Grab HM Strength and also then make your means to Cherrygrove. Surf to the West off of the shore in Cherrygrove and also head up north until you hit a cave entrance on the mountainside. I’m not spanning this side quest for the Sword, yet that is what you are after. Once you’re done via that you have totally free reign of a lot of of the region. You have the right to head to Goldenrod and also grab Kenya for that Fly, too. Be certain to check out the Crystal Clear discord for more information and also assist and don’t foracquire to check the documentation.

Where is hm fly in Pokemon liquid crystalThe guy will talk to you prior to you pass him, and he asks for your cooporation. Talk to everyone tright here and leave. However, Toxic poisoning will certainly revert to if the poisoned Pokemon is switched out. The Magnet Train works now, also. For 5 turns: the power of Water attacks is enhanced by 50%, the power of Fire strikes is reduced by 50%, becomes 100% exact, the power of is halved, and also the healing power of , and is halved. Will run off the user’s Attack or Special Attack. Has 50% accuracy in the time of and 100% accuracy throughout.

Wright here do you obtain HM fly in Pokemon Crystal versionThe user is protected from all attacks for one revolve, however the move’s success price halves with each consecutive usage of , or. The tarobtain can still switch out if it supplies. When offered by anything else, the user’s Speed is lessened by and its Attack and Defense are enhanced by. It comes with it, so we move on. . .

I have actually pokemon crystal and also should recognize just how to get the TM for fly and where to acquire it.

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Thanks Broken Obihiro. I think the island is a component of the whirl islands.

6 Answers


Um. you obtain fly on the island ,, i foracquired the name. the one in johto . via the fighting gym leader. talk to his wife outside the gym. if you beat her husband also she provides you fly. I wish i remembered the island name.sorry . ( Oh I think the island also is cinnderwood) *>*>*>*>*>*>*>*>*>*>*>*.*>**>*>*> O>O>O>O>O>O>O AHAHAAHAHAHA FOBBOBOBOBOBOB