may ns say this to a very good friendI wouldn"t speak this is unconditionally reserved for romance. It greatly depends on how well her friend understands you and also your motivations.

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If girlfriend are really close come this person, i don"t see why it would certainly be a problem to speak it to your friend.
I agree v cyberpedant. The all relies on if your friend understands it is not intended to be romantic. You simply don"t want him/her to take it it the dorn way.

Well, it all depends on your relationship and also the way you normally communicate (there"s no way for us to really understand that). I"d say the "you mean the civilization to me" is a pretty an effective statement, and it could be construed as a desire to adjust the boundaries of your present relationship.I think I"d keep it for my far-ranging other or my children.

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Very emotional parents could say this to your kids. I agree the friends are likely to take it the dorn way. It"s similar to saying something like: "You room the most essential person in my life." even if that"s true, it"s a weird thing to say to a friend that you are not romantically interested in due to the fact that people suppose that only your far-reaching other/spouse or kids could be the most important. If ns heard friends utilizing "you mean the people to me", ns would suppose it to be in a conversation around how it was weird the they were that unusually close.

vost, you tell someone you love them, but you"re worried the "you typical the civilization to me" is also much? that doesn"t make sense to me. Love is much higher on the intimate scale than the other, in mine opinion. If you currently can to speak those three words ago and forth to each other without misunderstanding, your other statement should create no extr problems at all! If girlfriend tell she you love she now and also she doesn"t take it romantically, this isn"t walking to guide her the other way. i say walk ahead and use it. If a man told me he loved me, I"d i think I currently meant the human being to him. these words must mean something differently to you 보다 they carry out to me. Ns personally don"t know any kind of man who would phone call me that loves me and only median it in a trusted way, unless we"re related. Yet in your situation, ns think you"ve already established the it"s something various in meaning. AngelEyes