What does it intend when a male calls you cute? It could intend a variety of various things, all of which we’ll cover in this post. It’s rather amazing to watch what an easy word deserve to have actually so many different connotations to so many various human being.

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Just a spoiler alert, though: What the word “cute” means will certainly largely depfinish on various other points you observe in your partnership through him. You’ll should pay cshed attention to his words, his actions, his behavior about you, and many kind of various other points. We’ll go with all of it in information exceptionally shortly.

To provide you an overarching idea: If he calls you cute, it could suppose one of four things.

See the various possibilities? When a man calls you cute, it can be very good, or neutral, or exceptionally, extremely negative indeed. So let’s uncover out what the actual deal is, shall we?

Let’s begin with the initially possibility:

1. He Only Likes You as a Friend

This is once he dubbed you “cute,” yet deep inside, his feelings for you are purely platonic and not romantic at all. It may also expect he meets the majority of cute girls and it’s his “default” compliment.

Is this your case? Let’s find out. Here are some of the indications he just sees you as a friend:

He Likes Your Personality

Like it or not, when it pertains to picking a romantic companion, we people are bound to the “looks vs. personality” war. And when it comes dvery own to it, males and also womales overwhelmingly favor looks over personality. It’s simply the means Mvarious other Nature programmed us.

So let’s say he complimented you by calling you cute. That’s good. But has actually he complimented your personality more?

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For circumstances, has he dubbed you…


…more than you’ve been referred to as cute?

If so, then it’s most likely he finds your personality more attrenergetic than your looks. Sorry, however he probably doesn’t favor you “that method.”

Now, you can be wondering: “But why not? Why is he not attracted to me?”

Unfortunately, some personality traits have the right to make males favor you even more yet feel attracted to you much less. In other words, your personality might lure a male to be friends via you, but discourage him from pursuing a relationship via you.

Here’s an excellent instance of a positive personality trait that could actually be sabotaging your opportunities at romance:

He Likes Your Energy

Are you bubbly, energetic, outgoing, and maybe even a tiny over the peak when you’re excited? That’s excellent – except that you could be hurting your possibilities at finding a boyfrifinish. So as soon as he called you cute, he may incredibly well be likening your power levels to that of a child’s.

And no, that won’t help him feel any kind of romance for you.

He Likes Your Confidence

Now, confidence is an excellent thing to have actually, and most males feel attracted to confident womales. That shelp, as well much of a great thing have the right to be a negative thing, and also confidence falls right into that trap too.

It’s entirely feasible that your confidence have the right to come off as arrogance to guys, and also that’s not also attractive. It’s tough for men to feel any kind of romance for a woman they check out as bossy, sarcastic, or condescending.

So, if you’re an extremely confident woguy who simply gained called “cute” by a man you like, that might not be an excellent sign.

So does he only see you as a friend? Has he complimented your personality a lot more than your looks?

Now, obtaining “friend-zoned” this way isn’t all that bad. It’s still better than the complying with alternative:

2. He’s Taking Advantage of You (Or Trying To)

Could he have dubbed you “cute” to obtain on your great side? Does he desire to acquire somepoint out of you? Is he trying to take advantage of exactly how much you prefer and trust him now?

If he’s a narcissist, then he could extremely well be. Narcissists are wired to desire to get something out of whatever, including the relationships they have through civilization.

Here’s an important question: Are you a sort woman?

Or more importantly: Are you kinder than most people?

If you are, then be mindful. You’re a prime target for narcissistic males.

If you feel you’re doing method even more for your partnership through this guy than he is, then he could extremely well be taking benefit of you. If he renders you feel favor you “owe” him, then it’s practically a sure point.


What execute you execute once you’re in a relationship with a narcissist? We’ll cover that in the direction of the end of this write-up, so save analysis.

For now, here’s another warning sign:

You Boost His Ego

Is he the dark, brooding, “emo” type? And does his personality contrast with your kind, caring, “mom” personality? Then be cautious. He may be complimenting you with words choose “cute” to store you about because of exactly how you make him feel.

“Emo” form men tend to cling to woguys that raise their self-esteem, especially beautiful girls. This could sound okay, especially if you think “He’ll obtain more confident eventually, and also things will be fine.” But hardly ever does that happen.

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Low self-esteem civilization have the unfortunate top quality of being parasitic. The more you feed their require for validation and acceptance, the bigger the need becomes. It’s a downward spiral that deserve to shatter any kind of connection, yours consisted of.

But that’s not the most dangerous case to be in. The following one is even worse…

He’s Trying to Make You Fall in Love With Him

It’s much worse if you’re the one through self-esteem problems. Do you tend to have actually low confidence? Did you obtain bullied as a kid, and you haven’t completely respanned from its impacts yet?

Then be cautious. If he dubbed you “cute” – and also you chosen it – then it might mean he’s trying to make you autumn for him. And when it comes to narcissists, that generally indicates he wants to trick his means right into your pants.


Fair warning: If he’s a narcissist, then your partnership will turn challenging soon, if it’s not tough already. Aobtain, this write-up will cover exactly how to resolve potential narcissists at the very finish.

Okay, so that’s the poor news. Now let’s talk about the excellent news. And yes, you’ll choose these possibilities, founding with…

3. He’s Secretly Attracted to You

If he referred to as you “cute,” it could also expect he sees you as even more than simply a frifinish. He has no intention to take advantage of you, and also rather is genuinely attracted to you and desires the ideal for you.

He’s just not saying it out loud, so he drops clues by calling you “cute” and also providing other flirty compliments. To him, cute girls are attractive – and you fit the summary.

If you like him also, then that’s a wonderful thing! Of course, the details are crucial. So let’s take a look at why he’d call you “cute” if he’s privately attracted to you…

You’re Really Physically Cute

First, once he calls you cute, he could really suppose it. You really could be cute. You’re sindicate so attractive he can’t aid however say it – even though what he indicates can be a bit vaguer.

He can mean:

You’re cute as in “pretty”You’re cute as in “petite”You’re cute as in he loves your smileEtc.

No issue what he can intend, if he’s honestly complimenting your looks, that’s a good point.

But just how deserve to you tell? Try to remember exactly how he called you cute. Did he sound sincere, prefer he expected it? Or did he say it in a dismissive, teasing, or joking way?

If it’s the former, then there’s a pretty good opportunity he’s attracted to you – and also he’s hoping you’ll reciprocate someexactly how.

Should you reciprocate? We’ll obtain to that in a little bit. For currently, here’s one more reason he can be attracted to you…

You Have a Nice Smile

Have you been obtaining compliments about your smile from other people? If so, then it might be the factor why he complimented you, also.

And you know what? It shouldn’t surpincrease you. Numerous research studies have found that males favor “happy” womales over women that look smart, or confident, or serious, and also so on. Joy is, fairly sindicate, attractive to the male species.

In your situation, he noticed your smile enough to call you “cute.”

He Likes Your Voice

Be honest: Do you like him, too?

If you perform, then he might have an principle that you perform – even if you’ve never told him outright.

How would he know? Your voice tone, that’s just how. You might never have noticed it, yet women’s voices tfinish to gain better as soon as they’re via someone they’re attracted to. It’s a dead giveaway.

And also if he doesn’t know about this clinical truth about the female voice, he gets the idea best away. You sound happier and even more excited when you’re with him, and that tells him something.

He Likes You Even When You’re Not Dolled Up

When he dubbed you “cute,” was it at a time you weren’t dressed up? Was it once you didn’t even have actually makeup on?

If so, then that’s one more authorize he genuinely likes you. He may also prefer you that way – simple, without makeup, and also still entirely lovable.

He Thinks You’re Unique

Have world ever before commented on how unique and also one-of-a-kind you are? Well, he could have actually noticed it too!

In general, men like nonconformist women, and perhaps he’s no various. You’re ssuggest so special that he can’t sheight reasoning of you. And he’s more than likely reasoning twice around simply being friends via someone as awesome as you.

He Thinks You’re Creative

Are you an artist, a musician, or at leastern a savvy problem solver? That may be yet an additional reason why he’s so attracted to you that he called you “cute.”

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It would certainly seem that imagination is among the many attrenergetic traits a guy deserve to discover in a woguy.

He Thinks You’re Funny

If you’re a comedian at heart, that’s excellent. Men love funny women – to a allude.

If you think he’s attracted to you because of your feeling of humor, here’s some friendly advice: Try not to overdo it. As it is with confidence, too a lot of it deserve to actually turn off a male by accident.

So if you prefer him also, you could desire to calibrate your sense of humor to prevent offending or intimidating him.

Now, let’s acquire a little bit even more serious. If he called you cute, there’s additionally a opportunity he’s not simply attracted to you. His feelings are actually much, much stronger:

4. He Sees You as a Potential Girlfriend

Yes – he may be well and truly in love via you. As well as feeling attracted, he covertly wants to begin a significant relationship with you. And that’s good if you love him, too!

Now, you might be wondering: Is he really in love with me? Or is he simply saying these points to obtain into my pants, only to dump me later?

If you’re asking yourself that, then that’s great. You’re asking the best inquiries, and also that’s awesome.

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To be fair, tright here are lots of signs he’s significant about you, such as:

Compliments, choose the one when he dubbed you cuteRemembering details around you, including ones you forgot you told him aboutIntroducing you to his friends and familyEtc.