Manifest Destiny- In the 19th century the ide of Manifest Destiny was a enjoy of a cultivation sense of nationalism and also social perfection. Americans saw themselves together the "chosen ones" and also believed the it was their responsibility to spread out democracy and also educate the much less fortunate. This principle of diffusion has brought on also into now as we try to spread democracy to third world countries even if of agency is no wanted. Manifest Destiny was similar to imperialism in the way it strived to increase territory and it was lot like a justification come expand and claim lands the they really had no ideal to. The pendant of Manifest Destiny believed that it was your destiny and right by God and history to expand. Taking lands from non-European Americans was justified since they were dispersing liberty to the lands and also the natives to be racially unfit to host the lands. The specify name of this activity was coined by man O" Sullivan that was a autonomous editor. Most Democrats to be supporters consisting of the occasional Whig. James K. Polk winner the presidency in 1844 due to the fact that he was a supporter. Henry Clay and Charles Sumner disagreed through the movement because they thought the enhancement of new slave claims would reason an imbalance of strength in congress, which the did. Sumner especially worried for the economy ending up being static like numerous of the slave states.

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Stephen Austin to be an immigrant native Missouri who developed the very first legal American settlement in Texas in 1822. Austin was really effective in ~ recruiting other Americans to come to Texas. As soon as Mexico attempted come outlaw enslavement in Texas, Austin was one of the couple of that wanted to resolve the issue peacefully and also not have a revolution. Then Austin was imprisoned for a time when the dictator Santa Anna pertained to power under the charges the he to be encouraging the revolts keep going in the region.
In the 1830"s Santa Anna led an army of 6000 come take strength of the recently collapsed federal government and created a dictatorship. He led troops to punish Texans in ~ the Alamo and at Goliad. Shortly after those victories, he shed Texas to Sam Houston"s military at the fight of san Jacinto in i m sorry he was captured and forced to authorize the treaty of san Jacinto in which e offered Texas that is independence.. Later, he shed the Mexican-American War and signed the treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo that sold California, Arizona, new Mexico, Colorado, Utah and also Nevada come the unified States.
Mexican forces annihilated an American garrison at the Alamo after a 13 day siege ~ above February 23 come March 6, 1836 and also killed everyone. Among those eliminated at the Alamo were wilhelm Travis, James Bowie, and Davy Crockett. General Sam Houston later defeated the Mexican military on April 23, 1836 in 18 minutes and killed many Mexicans in retaliation for the Texans killed after the surrender in ~ the battle of Goliad and also took Santa Anna as prisoner. Santa Anna signed the treaty of mountain Jacinto providing Texas independence.
1845. Originally refused in 1837, together the U.S. Government thought that the addition would result in war v Mexico and create conflict on the state"s policy on slavery. Texas remained a sovereign nation. It was annexed by chairman Tyler that feared the alliances that Texas had actually made through Britain and also France. Tyler likewise saw the election of James Polk, a support of manifest destiny, as the peoples" permission come annex. Texas later became a state under Polk top top December 29, 1845.
A historical 2,000 mile overland path to the western united States prolonging from Independence, Missouri to the Oregon Country and also later Oregon Territory. The follow was opened in 1842, and by 1845 much more than 3,000 migrants had made the journey. ~ the coming of the railroad, the trail was lastly abandoned in the 1870s.
11th chairman of the United says from Tennessee; committed to from the west expansion; led the nation during the mexico War; U.S. Linked Texas and also took over Oregon throughout his administration
1846-1848 , Mexico damaged relations v the united state after addition of Texas. Also, dispute over border of Texas. America want the boundary on the Rio Grande and also Mexico wanted it ~ above the Nueces. Americans interested in new Mexico and California, together well. Polk sent out Slidell to shot and buy off the Mexicans but was unsuccessful.Polk bespeak Taylor to move army across Nueces river to the Rio Grande and also waited till the Mexicans assaulted so the the us would not be blamed for beginning the war and also had a an excellent excuse to acquire new territory in the West.. America got brand-new Mexico territory and also California because that 15 million once the war finished with treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. The US also accepted all of the financial cases of the battle that amounted as much as 3.5 million dollars.
In 1848 Mexico known American cases to area phibìc of Rio Grande. Mexico yielded CA and also NM come the us for 15 mil. The united state agreed to assume 3.25 million in fan Mexico owed to American citizens. Polk dissatisfied with treaty together negotiated through Nicholas Trist because he walk not believe Trist to be aggressive enough and also did no acquire sufficient territory.
Dispute over whether any kind of Mexican region that America won throughout the mexican War need to be cost-free or a slave territory. A representative named David Wilmot presented an amendment stating that any type of territory got from Mexico would certainly be free. This amendment pass the house twice, however failed to ever pass in Senate. The "Wilmot Proviso", together it became known as, ended up being a price of exactly how intense problem over slavery was in the U.S.
Federal plan where citizens in the western regions would organize local elections to vote and also decide even if it is the region would enable or abolish slavery. This idea was moved forward by Stephen Douglas.
Candidates: 1. Zachary Taylor-winner, avoided the worry of slavery and also a war hero, no political experience (whig) 2. Martin van Buren (Free soil Party- made enslavement an issue) 3. Lewis Cass-father of famous sovereignty (Democrat). Zachary Taylor ended up being president, passed away in office, making his vice chairman Millard Fillmore president
Senator native Kentucky, that ran because that president 5 times till his fatality in 1852. He to be a strong supporter that the American System, a war hawk for the battle of 1812, speak of the house of Representatives, and also known together "The great Compromiser." Outlined the damage of 1850 with five main points. Died before it to be passed however.
Leader of the Fugitive servant Law, which compelled the teamwork of north states in returning escaped servants to the south. He additionally argued ~ above the floor that the senate that enslavement was needed in the south. He said on the grounds that society is an alleged to have an top ruling course that enjoys the profit of a working lower class. Additionally Jackson"s VP. Likewise really crazy and also irrational.
Famous American politician and also orator. He promoted renewal and opposed the financial policy of Jackson. Numerous of the ethics of finance that spoke around were later incorporated in the federal Reserve System. Would later push because that a strong union.
Northern Democrat Illinois who emerged the method of famous sovereignty together a means to work out slave state or cost-free state. He assisted passed the damage of 1850 and giving the states the selection with famous sovereignty., Senator indigenous Illinois, writer of the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the Freeport Doctrine, argues in donate of popular sovereignty. Was additionally Lincoln"s foe in the senate election of 1858 and also the presidential choice of 1860.
formed indigenous the remnants the the Liberty Party in 1848; adopting a slogan the "free soil, free speech, cost-free labor, and free men," it opposed the spread of slavery right into territories and supported homesteads, cheap postage, and also internal improvements. It ran Martin van Buren (1848) and John Hale (1852) for president and was took in into the Republican Party by 1856.
1850. Legislation passed as part of the compromise of 1850: made that a crime to assist runaway slaves; allowed for the arrest the escaped slaves in areas where enslavement was illegal and also required their return to slaveholders. Northerners believed this was the souths method of spreading slavery and violence ended up being an acceptable an answer to the law. Attacks on servant catures would occur in the north and mobs would collection captured fugitives free.
13th chairman who sustained the deteriorate of 1850. Fill his cabinet through both Northerners and Southerners. His cabinet had actually much infighting and also he to be unable to regulate them. He to be a democrat and won the choice of 1852.
A train route across the joined States, perfect in 1869. It to be the job of 2 railroad companies: the Union Pacific constructed from the east, and also the central Pacific developed from the west. The 2 lines met in Utah. The central Pacific job were mostly Chinese, and also the Union Pacific laborers mainly Irish. Both groups often worked under harsh conditions.
1853 - after the contract of Guadelupe Hidalgo to be signed, the U.S. Realized the it had actually accidentally left parts of the southwestern stagecoach routes to California as part of Mexico. James Gadsen, the U.S. Minister to Mexico, was instructed by president Pierce to draw up a treaty that would administer for the acquisition of the region through i m sorry the phase lines ran, follow me which the U.S. Hoped to additionally eventually develop a southern continental railroad. This territory renders up the southern components of Arizona and brand-new Mexico.
(1854) law sponsored by Stephen Douglas, to permit the citizens of Kansas and Nebraska to decide the problem of enslavement in their territories. The act repealed the Missouri Compromise, which had actually prohibited enslavement in the territories. The legislation likewise violated the weaken of 1850, which had actually put limits on the development of slavery. The act brought about the Bleeding of Kansas.
A coalition that the complimentary Soil Party, the Know-Nothing Party and renegade Whigs an unified in 1854 to kind this party--a liberal, anti-slavery party. Castle were no anti slavery however wanted to protect against the growth of slavery right into the west Territories. They were developed in an answer to the Kansas- Nebraska Act.
(1800-1859) anti-slavery advocate who believed that God had dubbed upon him come abolish slavery. May or may not have been holy ghost unstable. Dedicated over twenty years to fighting slavery, because of misunderstanding, in revenge he and also his followers (his sons and others) killed 5 men in the agree slavery negotiation of Pottawatomie Creek. Prompted dozens of occurrences throughout Kansas some 200 people were killed. To be executed, still disputed over whether he is a saint or killer.
the idea that the south was engaged in a conspiracy to extend slavery throughout the nation and hence to ruin the openness of northern capitalism and replace it v the closed, aristocratic mechanism of the south, and the only solution was to hit the spread of slavery and also extend the nation"s democratic ideals to every sections of the country.
In this presidential election, Democrat James Buchanan beat Republican candidate man C. Fremont. He winner the basic election through denouncing the abolitionists, promising not to permit any interference with the compromise of 1850, and supporting the principle of noninterference by conference with enslavement in the territories.
Democrat Buchanan won the choice of 1856 over Fremont because of Fremont"s i can not qualify to acquire votes in the South. Buchanan"s key struggle in office to be the civil war in Kansas end the slavery issue. Buchanan pushed hard for the Lecompton structure to be accepted so the Kansas would be a servant state but Stephen Douglas clogged it and made that so that popular sovereignty would certainly decide. Kansas citizens poll to end up being a totally free state.
the new immigrants in the U.S. Began to pose a hazard to the "natives" due to the fact that of their unknown languages and cultures. Some feared that the foreigners would outnumber them and also eventually overrun the country. This hostility rekindled the soul of European religious wars, causing clashes between the Protestants and also Catholics. Some nativities created this party in new York called the "Order of the Star Spangled Banner". The members refuse to indentify themselves and would to speak they recognize nothing. They were an anti-Catholic group, till it subsided and slavery came to be the focal distance issue. Immigrants were helping to type the U.S. Right into one the the many ethnically and racially diverse societies in the history of the world.
(1857) U.S. Supreme Court decision in which Chief Justice i get it B. Taney ruled that Congress can not prohibit enslavement in the territories, top top the grounds that such a prohibition would violate the 5th Amendment civil liberties of the slaveholders, and also that no black color person could be a citizens of the unified States. Dred Scott lived in a free state for 4 years and also once his owner died he sue the family members for his freedom and lost.

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1858 Senate Debate, Lincoln forced Douglas to debate worry of slavery, Douglas sustained pop-sovereignty, Lincoln asserted the slavery have to not spread to territories, Lincoln arised as solid Republican candidate
Lincoln, the Republican candidate, won since the democratic party was split over slavery. Together a result, the south no much longer felt like it has a voice in politics and a number of states seceded native the Union.



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