What Happened To Fang After Harry Potter Ended Fang, the over-sized boarhound, was one of Hagrid"s most loyal pets in the Harry Potter series. Here"s what happened to the dog after the second war.

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Harry Potter
Here"s what eventually happened to Fang, the giant Boarhound dog owned by Rubeus Hagrid in the Harry Potter series. Fang was present in all installments of J.K. Rowling"s Harry Potter books, but he only appeared in five of the movies. Unfortunately for dog-lovers, much of Fang"s fate following the series was left ambiguous.

Fang was said to be born in 1984 and became one of Hagrid"s pets shortly after. The dog was an over-sized black Boarhound, aka a Great Dane. In the films, Fang was portrayed by a Neapolitan Mastiff, an entirely different breed. The dog lived with Hagrid in the hut that resided on the edge of the forest. He often followed his master around the Hogwarts" grounds and was protective of Hagrid"s allies. Fang notably accompanied Harry and Draco when they traveled into the Forbidden Forest, and again when Harry and Ron visited Aragog.

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Hagrid"s pet was present during the duration of the Second Wizarding World. When Dolores Umbridge led an attack by the Ministry of Magic wizards, Fang was hit by a Stunning Spell trying to defend Hagrid. This greatly angered Hagrid, who managed to get Fang out of danger. They later returned to Hagrid"s hut, but the structure was later set on fire by a Death Eater. Fang was inside during the fire, but Hagrid and Harry used magic to put it out and save Fang. The dog was also present during the Battle of Hogwarts in the books, but fled in fright after an explosion. Fang must have survived the deadly event, as he was not listed as one of the casualties, but not much else was known about the pet"s fate.

Harry Potter
It"s unclear what happened to Fang after the Second Wizarding War came to an finish ,since his role was cut in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. His name was never mentioned, nor did Rowling ever share any information regarding the dog. Hagrid was not in mourning following the war, so there"s no reason to believe that something terrible happened to Fang. If it did, it surely would have been explained as part of the narrative.

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Hagrid continued living in his hut while working at Hogwarts well after Harry and his friends left so it"s likely that Fang lived out the rest of his life at the school. Great Danes have an average life span of eight to ten years, and Fang had already outlived that average by a great margin. The dog was already 14 years old during the Battle of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series, implying that he was on the back end of his life (although it"s possible that some type of magic could have extended his time on earth). No matter how long Fang lived, he undoubtedly lived a good life with Hagrid by his side.