Mike’s is Hard, therefore is Prison. Don’t journey Drunk® Premium Malt Beverage. All Registered Trademarks, provided under patent by Mike’s tough Lemonade Co., Chicago, IL 60661
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Why aren’t the ingredients listed on mike’s HARDER®?

mike’s harder is as well legit for social norms! yet really, mike’s HARDER assets are classified together beer under commonwealth law, which go not call for ingredient or nutritional labeling ~ above beer together regulated by the Tobacco Tax and Trade bureau (TTB).

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Does mike’s more tough contain allergens?

mike’s HARDER products do not contain any type of FDA recognized major food allergens; however, they are packaged in facilities that might use allergens in other products.

These allergens encompass milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybeans. If friend have any kind of allergen concerns, you re welcome consult your doctor prior to consuming our products.

Does mike’s more tough contain yeast?

Through ours proprietary filtration process, over there is no residual yeast in ours products.

Is mike’s more tough caffeine free?

Yes! mike’s more difficult does not contain caffeine.

Does mike’s harder contain hops?

While mike’s more tough is do to remove hops through our proprietary filtration process, we advise you top your physician prior to consuming our assets if you have actually allergen concerns.

Do any type of mike’s HARDER commodities contain sulfites?

We perform not use any type of ingredients the contain sulfites or sulfur derivatives in mike’s more tough products.

Is mike’s more difficult kosher?

We room not kosher certified.

Are actual fruits provided in mike’s harder products?

mike’s HARDER assets contain essence of real fruit. Since we\"re constantly coming increase with new fruity flavors, we recommend checking v your medical professional if you have fruit allergies before consuming our products.

Handcrafted to remove Gluten

mike’s harder is obsessed with quality and also crafting the best tasting hard lemonades. We produced a proprietary and also unique filtration procedure to do the purest, cleanest tasting malt beverage base offering all our commodities a clean, herbal taste. What us learned, together a by-product the this rigorous filtration process, was the this process naturally gets rid of gluten.Recently, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade office (TTB) – the Federal federal government organization the oversees labeling because that alcoholic beverages – granted united state permission to present a one-of-a-kind seal because that our product packaging to interact that mike’s HARDER assets are do to remove gluten. This seal is the an initial of its sort for fermented malt beverages having actually a gluten-containing grain, i beg your pardon in our instance is barley. Because Mike’s difficult Lemonade Co.’s cook Lemon Squeezer and also his family members follow a gluten-removed diet, the team at mike’s more tough is dazzling to be able to place our Crafted to eliminate Gluten seal on our packaging.


At mike’s HARDER, we are committed to ensuring every batch meets our team’s high requirements for quality and taste. Every is experiment by one independent company using the R5 compete ELISA test.Our proprietary procedure is not supplied by any other fermented malt beverage in the industry and also helps us produce that clean taste distinct just come mike’s HARDER!This new designation, that our products are make to eliminate gluten, is not meant to encourage you to drink more. In fact, us encourage you to consult with your physician if girlfriend have extreme sensitivities since our product may contain gluten traces. Mike’s more tough is fermented from grains the contain gluten and also crafted to remove gluten. The gluten content cannot be verified, and also this product may contain gluten.

Are mike’s harder lemonade products gluten free?

All of mike’s HARDER products in the United claims now lug a make to remove Gluten seal on your packaging, our way to distinguish and also communicate around our beverages.Our process removes gluten to much less than 5 parts per million (ppm) together measured by the R5 compete ELISA test. While mike’s more difficult is crafted to remove gluten, us cannot say it is 100% gluten free. The Alcohol and also Tobacco Tax and Trade office (TTB), which monitor gluten labeling for alcoholic beverages in the U.S., newly ruled the fermented commodities made native gluten-containing seed cannot do a gluten-free claim however are allowed to do a case that a product is do to eliminate gluten with a disclaimer the there may be traces that gluten together the gluten contents cannot be verified.

How walk mike’s HARDER remove gluten native its products?

mike’s HARDER supplies a proprietary multi-stage filtration process to build our pure malt base the is in ~ the heart of mike’s more difficult crisp, clean taste. This handcrafted approach, one we have had actually in ar for many years, has constantly naturally eliminated gluten indigenous our products through filtration. Our proprietary procedure is not offered by any other fermented malt beverage in the industry.

Does mike’s more difficult gluten removal procedure change the taste?

No, mike’s HARDER’s approach to produce a neutral and also pure malt base has been the very same for countless years, and also it also happens to naturally remove gluten from our products. Ours customers space receiving the exact same great tasting and also refreshing product as always as nothing has adjusted except us are now labeling mike’s more tough packaging through a seal to indicate that mike’s harder is do to eliminate gluten.

Why do mike’s HARDER products say crafted to eliminate Gluten rather of Gluten Free?

At the moment, the experimentation methodologies easily accessible to measure up gluten because that non-fermented food assets are accepted by the FDA, yet these testing methodologies room not accepted by the FDA because that fermented or hydrolyzed products and have no yet been displayed to be valid to quantify the gluten content in fermented and hydrolyzed products. The Alcohol and also Tobacco Tax and also Trade bureau (TTB), which oversees gluten labeling for alcoholic beverages in the U.S., newly ruled that brewed commodities made indigenous gluten-containing grains cannot make a gluten-free claim, however we are allowed to do a insurance claim that a product is crafted to eliminate gluten through a disclaimer that there might be traces of gluten in mike’s more tough beverages as the gluten content cannot be verified.Disclaimer: mike’s more tough is fermented indigenous grains that contain gluten and also crafted to remove gluten. The gluten contents cannot it is in verified, and this product might contain gluten.

Who is the Alcohol and also Tobacco Tax and also Trade bureau (TTB)?

The TTB is a bureau under the U.S. Department of Treasury the is charged v protecting consumer by ensuring compliance v the federal Alcohol administration Act. TTB sets soon regulations concerning the labeling the ingredients and also substances, consisting of gluten content, contained in alcohol beverages in consultation v the U.S. Food and also Drug management (FDA). To learn an ext about TTB you re welcome visit them at http://www.ttb.gov/.

Other beers and also malt products insurance claim they space gluten free; how are mike’s HARDER products different?

Some gluten complimentary beers are made v non-wheat or ingredients, choose sorghum. This beers are considered gluten cost-free as they room made v non-gluten containing grains. Because mike’s HARDER assets are do with various other grains, barley to be exact, we room able come designate our gluten content through the do to remove Gluten seal.

How go mike’s harder test for gluten removal?

mike’s HARDER assets have undergone the R5 vain ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) test. The check revealed ours beverages have just 5ppm (parts per million) of gluten.

Which mike’s HARDER products are crafted to eliminate Gluten?

All mike’s HARDER assets are do to naturally remove gluten utilizing our original, handcrafted process. Look for the make to remove Gluten seal top top our assets to gain the same an excellent and refreshing taste together always.

Have mike’s harder beverages constantly been do to remove gluten?

For years, mike’s HARDER has used a patentable procedure to produce a pure and neutral malt base. The handcrafted procedure naturally gets rid of gluten. Because of the current rulings by TTB regarding labeling gluten content on our products, we are adding the new Crafted to eliminate Gluten seal on every mike’s more tough product packaging.

Why do you have a emphasis now on removing gluten from your products?

mike’s HARDER commodities have to be crafted to remove gluten for years. Mike’s HARDER’s chief Lemon Squeezer follows a gluten-removed diet with his family and is passionate about producing quality assets that can be enjoyed within a healthy lifestyle. Us are currently able to brand our commodities with a newly developed Crafted to remove Gluten seal.

To find out even more information ~ above gluten, visit:

National academy of Health and also National academy of Diabetes and Digestive and also Kidney DiseasesU.S. Food and Drug AdministrationCeliac disease FoundationGluten Intolerance Group

What is the shelf life of mike’s HARDER?

Generally, mike’s HARDER products will continue to be fresh for around 12 months after it to be packaged.

How do you review the expiration date?

mike’s more tough is best enjoyed approximately a year after ~ it’s to be produced. The batch code, found on the neck that bottles and also the bottom the cans, can help you identify the manufacturing date.

Batch password Example:A0119XXXX XX:XX FL

A = month = January01 = day = 1st19 = year = 2019

XX:XX = timeXXXX = internal digitsFL = production facility code

A = January; B = February; C = March, D = April; E = May; F = June; G = July; H = August; J = September; K = October; together = November; M = December

inmar.com. To check on the condition of her rebate, you re welcome visit: https://www.inmarrebates.com.

Is mike’s more difficult able come sponsor my event or sports team?

Please reach the end to us via our contact us form. Because of the huge volume of sponsorship associated inquiries, just chosen requests will certainly be contacted.

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I am mike’s HARDER’s biggest fan. Have the right to I companion with the brand?

Please reach out to us via our contact us form. Due to the large volume the PR possibility related inquiries, just chosen requests will be contacted.