We’re being asked todetermine the electron and molecular geometryofNCl3.The feasible molecular geometries and also electron geometries are:


To do so, we first need to draw aLewis framework for NCl­3.

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For this, we must do the complying with steps:

Step 1:Determine the central atom in this molecule.

Step 2:Calculate the total variety of valence electron present.

Step 3:Draw the Lewis framework for the molecule.

Step 4:Determine the electron geometry the the molecule.

Step 5:Determine the molecule geometry of the molecule.

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Problem Details

Determine the electron geometry (eg) and molecular geometry (mg) of NCl3.

a. Eg = tetrahedral, mg = trigonal pyramidal

b. Zb = tetrahedral, mg = tetrahedral

c. Eg = trigonal planar, mg = bent

d. Zb = linear, mg = linear

e. Eg = linear, mg = trigonal planar

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