Formatting Mark
A(n) _______________ is a character that Word displays on the screen however is not visible on a published document. (WD 6)
Blue WavyA(n) _______________ underline suggests the text may have actually a contextual order error, such together the misuse that homophones. (WD 9)
Ignore AllTo instruct Word no to flag future occurrences of a assignment error, right-click the flagged word and also click ______________ on the shortcut menu. (WD 10)
HeadlineThe _______________ is the an initial line of message on a flyer. (WD 11)
Character_______________ formatting is the procedure of transforming the method characters appear on the screen and in print. (WD 13)
FontThe _______________, or typeface, defines the appearance and also shape of the letters, numbers, and special characters. (WD 14)
Color SchemeA(n) _______________ is a file theme the identifies 12 safety colors for text, background, accents, and also links in a document. (WD 31)
StyleA(n) _______________ is a named team of formatting characteristics. (WD 38)
Standard_______________ nature are associated with every Microsoft Office files and also include author, title, and also subject. (WD 44)
Green______________ computer involves to reduce the electrical energy consumed and also environmental waste created when making use of computers, mobile devices, and also related technologies. (WD 51)
Research PaperA(n) _______________ is a file you deserve to use to communicate the results of research study findings. WD 66
Works CitedThe MLA documentation layout uses the term, _______________, to describe the bibliographic perform of resources at the finish of the paper. WD 68
Paragraph Spacing_______________ is the lot of an are above and below a paragraph. WD 72
HorizontalAlthough you deserve to use a dialog crate to indent paragraphs, Word gives a quicker way through the _______________ ruler. WD 82
FeildA(n) _______________ is a placeholder for data whose materials can change. WD 90
EndnoteA keep in mind that exist at the finish of a record is called a(n) _______________. WD 92
BackgroundWord describes the automatic page break job as _______________. WD 101
Works quote PageAccording to the MLA documentation style, the _______________ is a list of resources that space referenced directly in a study paper. WD 104
Office ClipboardThe _______________ is a momentary storage area that holds up to 24 items duplicated from any type of Office program. WD 111
ThesaurusA(n) _______________ is a publication of synonyms. WD 116
LetterheadA(n) _______________ is a section of a letter the identifies an company or individual. WD 141
Floating ObjectA(n) _______________ is things that deserve to be positioned in ~ a specific location in a file or in a layer over or behind message in a document. WD 144
Document ThemeA(n) _______________ is a coordinated combination of colors, fonts, and also effects. WD 148
ClipartPredefined graphic are referred to as _______________. WD 148
Clear FormattingWord offers the term, _______________, to refer to returning the styles to the common style. WD 161
HyperlinkWhen you press go into after keying an email resolve or internet address, Word instantly formats the address as a(n) _______________. WD 162
Building BlockIf you usage the exact same text or graphic frequently, you have the right to store the message or graphic together a(n) _______________ and then insert the entrance in an open document, and future documents. WD 170
Nonbreaking HyphenA(n) _______________ is a special form of hyphen that avoids two native separated by a hyphen from dividing at the end of a line. WD 173
TableA native _______________ is a collection of rows and columns. WD 174
End-of-cell MarkEach table has actually a(n) _______________, i beg your pardon is a formatting note that assists you through selecting and formatting cells. WD 175
FunctionA(n) _______________ is a prewritten formula the is constructed into Excel. EX 66
Equal SignA(n) _______________ cautions Excel that you are entering a formula or role and no text. EX74
Order of OperationsThe bespeak in i beg your pardon calculations space performed in a formula is called the _______________. EX75
Point Mode_______________ enables you to pick cells for usage in a formula by making use of the mouse. EX76
MaxExcel contains a function called the _______________ duty that display screens the highest possible value in a range. EX82
AverageThe _______________ function sums the numbers in a specified variety and then divides the amount by the variety of cells with numeric worths in the range. EX 86
Range Finder_______________ checks which cells room referenced in the formula assigned to the active cell. EX89
Best Fit_______________ method that the width of the column will be boosted or diminished so that the widest entry will fit in the column. EX103
Page Layout_______________ view permits you to create or change a worksheet if viewing how it will look in published format. EX110
Debugging_______________ is the process of finding and correcting errors in the worksheet. EX 115
Paste OptionsAfter girlfriend tap or click the paste button, Excel automatically displays the _______________ button. EX 142
Drag & DropUsing touch or the computer mouse to relocate or copy cell is called _______________. EX 143
F4If you insert a solitary row by utilizing the Insert command top top the shortcut menu, girlfriend can continue inserting rows by repeatedly press the _______________ key. EX 145
NOWWhen assigned come a cell, the _______________ duty returns a number that synchronizes to the device date and also time start with December 31, 1899. EX 148
AbsoluteA formula using a(n) _______________ cell reference instructs Excel to save the cell reference consistent in the formula as it duplicates it come the destination area. EX 151
IFIn Excel, you deserve to use the _______________ function when you want to assign a worth to a cell based on a reasonable test. EX 155
ZoomYou have the right to magnify or shrink the illustration of a worksheet or graph by using the _____________ button on the see tab. EX 182
FreezeExcel enables you come _______________ columns and rows, so the Excel screens their content on the screen, no issue how far down or come the best you scroll. EX 185
What-IfUsing Excel come scrutinize the impact of changing values in cell that room referenced by a formula in another cell is referred to as _____________ evaluation or sensitivity analysis. EX 187
Goal SeekingIf you recognize the an outcome you want a formula to produce, you can use _______________ to recognize the value of a cabinet on which the formula depends. EX 188
ChartA(n) _______________ conveys a visual depiction of data. EX 2
RequirementsA(n) _______________ file includes a needs statement, a source of data, a summary of calculations, and also any various other special requirements for the worksheet, such as charting and web support. Ex 3
Columns_______________ commonly contain descriptive information around items in rows or contain details that help to group the data in the worksheet. EX 6
SumThe _______________ duty adds every the number in a range of cells. EX 14
Fill HandleThe _______________ is the tiny black square situated in the lower-right corner of the hefty border roughly the energetic cell. EX 16
Bold_______________ text has a darker illustration than typical text. EX 26
SurfaceA(n) _______________ chart compares data from 3 columns and/or rows in a three-dimensional manner. EX 37
ExplodedA pie chart through one or more slices counter is referred to as a(n) _______________ pie chart.

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EX 41
Document PropertiesExcel help you organize and identify your documents by making use of _____________, which space the details about a record such as the project author, title, and also subject.
Auto CalculateYou quickly can achieve a total, one average, or various other information about the number in a variety by using the _______________ area on the status bar. EX 48