There are special steps needed come 1928 penny value. Combining: day | Mint point out | condition locates worth on the chart.

Mint Marks: little letters were offered as part of the architecture identifying branch mints. Crucial to value. Describe the images to appropriately identify selection of coin.

Values selection across the chart according come condition. Grading problem is in-depth with images and also descriptions. Equivalent your coin help judge grade and also place on the chart.


Steps bring about Value:

Step 1: Date and also Mintmark variety – identify each date and also its mintmark variety.

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Step 2: Grading condition – Judge condition to identify grade.Step 3: Special qualities – particular elements either improve or detract indigenous value. Bold and weak strikes space reviewed.
1928 Lincoln coin ValueCondition the CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1928 Lincoln Penny value Up-Dated2021
1928$0.08 $0.33 $1.13 $5
1928 D$0.41 $0.99 $4.91 $23
1928 S$0.41 $1.02 $7.84 $57

Three main areas of the coin are crucial to identify. Relocating through these steps in order come at precise value.

Date | Mint note | Condition

Both collectors and also dealers advice coins adhering to this process.

Of these steps, judging condition stands out as important to 1928 pennies. In the grading ar below, pictures of different grades are used to discover a close complement to her coin. Descriptions more refine the ethereal points to condition.

Step 1: | Date and also Mintmark Combination

Value in Mintmarks specifies 1923 penny Value

Three varieties of wheat cent were win in 1928. Branch mint pennies (those through mintmarks) room worth noting. Denver and also San Francisco mints developed far under cents 보다 Philadelphia.

1928 Lincoln Penny

No Mintmark Under Date: Philadelphia Mint to win the Coin


On a rarity scale 1928 Philadelphia cents are rated: Abundant. 134,116,000 to be struck. Initial large supply has actually lessened gradually due to usage of this coins in commerce. Popularity of the wheat series keeps demand strong for these beforehand era (1909 come 1933) pennies.

Condition is the leading variable to value. Average become above average if Lincoln"s portrait is high solution detailed. Hair through a clear separation native forehead is denote a preferable coin.

1928-D Lincoln Penny

"D" Mintmark Under Date: Denver Mint struck the Coin


Majority of Denver 1928 cents remained in circulation for an extended time. Hefty wear is typical of those encountered today. Collectors are still interested in these coins, but seek examples in well in-depth condition. Base value of circulated coins is supported by young and also beginning collectors, and also these stand for an affordable choice.

Inspect the reverse of her coin, if the wheat stalks screen grains within the stalks and also fine be separated lines towards the ends, above average problem is indicated. Demand for greater grades coins raises value quickly. Note on the graph Fine grade verses exceptionally Fine grade.

1928-S Lincoln Penny

"S" Mintmark Under Date: san Francisco Mint win the Coin


Of the three 1928 varieties San Francisco pennies are least available. Collections of wheat cents include all dates and also mints because that each year. As a arsenal grows boosting the problem of coins in the sets puts included demand on pretty eye appeal coins. These have come to be the semi-key because that the year.

High grade 1928-S cents are elusive. One aspect is sharpness of detail remaining. A coin displaying a absence of marks and also even soft brown toning is likewise a deciding element to countless collectors. Values of these pleasing coins is listed on the chart separating a good grade coin from really Fine grade.

Step 2: | Judge problem to recognize Grade

Examine condition of 1928 Penny

Grade is a an interpretation used by collectors once describing the condition of a coin. Grades provided on the chart range from good (heavily worn penny) come Uncirculated (no wear). Certain areas space inspected to judge condition.

Best approach to grading is researching the picture of an uncirculated coin first. Identifying the depth the the design, understanding the high and also low areas, helps in determining levels of wear.


Uncirculated Grade: Mint state - uncirculated class is a coin without any wear come the surface. A 1928 coin in this peak tier condition is extremely valued and also sought by collectors. An investigate of all increased points is necessary to confirm the grade.

Starting in ~ the height of the design, Lincoln"s hair is fine raised over the ar of the coin. Any circulation wear has tendency to display over the tide of hair as a series of flat spots. When minted a fine texture is imparted to the metal giving a newly minted coin that is luster. Wear removes this luster quickly and also dulls the shine.

When evaluate the aesthetics of a mint state coin, also color and also lack of clues adds come eye appeal. Unmarred surfaces space a premium example and really collectible.

Extremely well Grade: Wear is just beginning to display over the entire coin. Irradiate wear is the crucial to a coin thought about Extremely fine grade.

All major design attributes remain bold, Lincoln"s ear, bow tie, and also lines come his coat. Examine the hair, minor wear is listed with all waves separated. Areas of flatness are confined come the really upper edges of contours leaving tide of hair bold.

A lack of noticeable call marks come the fields and also rim to add to increase the appeal. Open up flat locations forming the background space prone to showing marks. The example 1928-D coin is noteworthy as having actually well kept surfaces.

Fine Grade: Moderate wear towards the rim v heavier wear within the central area is judged a wheat cent in well grade.

tide of hair over Lincoln"s forehead have actually lost most of the finer detail. Flatness has diminished the border to the waves. A clean separation of his hair indigenous the forehead places the coin solidly in the good grade.

A nice balance of color is depicted by the example. Natural copper toning the light and darker browns highlights continuing to be detail. An eye appeal wheat cent in circulated great is seek by collectors.

Good Grade: Extensive wear, creating large areas of flatness, is graded an excellent condition. Within the central area, every contours the Lincoln"s challenge are worn come one smooth surface.

Hair in ~ the top of Lincoln"s head is greatly flat. Minor waves of hair have an unified leaving only significant details separated.

Once a coin becomes greatly worn, the number of recognizable features standing out adds come value. Legends separated from the pickled in salt is a plus. A bold date is important. A technological grade of great combined through pleasing eye appeal is solid for the grade.

Video | Grading Lincoln Wheat Pennies

Place higher grade coins in separation, personal, instance holders. Little zip lock bags room a great temporary solution. For higher value coins, Grading Lincoln Wheat Pennies increases on the grading procedure with video, descriptions, and images.

Step 3: | Special qualities Enhancing Value

Crisp Details that a 1928-D Penny

Without a doubt the "S" mint note - mountain Francisco selection receives the public of 1928 pennies. Taken into consideration the semi-key because that the year it enjoys a strong premium, especially in greater grades.

Somewhat overshadowed the "D" mint note - 1928 Denver selection is quietly complicated to uncover in greater grades. With much less attention, premiums room moderate. Both however are in demand to finish date and also mint mark collections that wheat pennies.

Compare the reverse detail of the 2 pennies. An astute eye detects a difference. Both are simply slightly worn and also condition is exceptionally Fine, an elusive grade because that a 1928-D penny. A collector seeking optimal quality notices one reverse displays weakness that the lettering follow me the in salt an indistinct rim and also faded currently in the wheat stalk.

Eye appeal because of crisp detail places one front of the various other in desirability come collectors. A search for quality amongst Denver pennies adds come the challenge of detect the appropriate coin. Consider all v well-defined details solid for the grade and also value. As premiums rise subtleties acquire importance.


US Mint. 1929 united state Mint yearly Report

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