Soccer together a sport is complete of abbreviations. For the uninitiated, this can seem confusing at first. Many human being love to watch the game however don’t always understand what everything means. In this article, I’m walk to placed your mind at ease and also explain every of those soccer abbreviations you’ve been wondering about.

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Whether you’re trying to find the meaning of soccer abbreviations in agree soccer, high college soccer, youth soccer, or also on the FIFA football game, girlfriend should discover the prize you’re trying to find on this list.

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To store things straightforward and simple, I’ve provided the abbreviations listed below in alphabet order.

I expect you discover what you’re spring for, and if not, allow me recognize on the contact me page!

A – far game

A stands for Away video game in soccer. One away game is any type of game a team plays away from their house ground or field. You will most often see the abbreviation A top top a soccer organization table to indicate any stats relating to the games a team has actually played away from home.

AET – ~ Extra Time

AET represents After Extra Time in soccer. The acronym AET is used on a score sheet to display the score the a video game after extra time has been played. Extra time is likewise referred to together overtime in soccer.

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AFC – combination Football Club

AFC stands for Association Football Club in soccer. Association Football is the main name because that soccer. AFC is a typically used acronym in England to designate an company as a club the plays association football.

AGT – aggregate score

AGT stands for Aggregate score in soccer. Aggregate score is the combined score between two groups over the food of two games. Accumulation score is most regularly used in the last stages of tournament soccer.

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Apps – illustration

Apps means appearances in soccer. The acronym apps is provided to indicate how countless appearances a soccer player has made because that their club or worldwide team. You will most often see the abbreviation “apps” in a list of a player’s stats.

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D1 – division One

D1 method Division One in soccer. Division 1 is the highest level of vain in the nationwide Collegiate strong Association (NCAA). Department One in soccer consists of the finest players and also teams indigenous the best schools across the united States.

ECNL – elite Clubs national League

ECNL stands for Elite Clubs National League in soccer. The elite Clubs National organization is a youth soccer league for both girls and boys sanctioned by us Club Soccer. The ECNL exists to aid in the breakthrough of youth football players.

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ECRL – elite Club regional League

ECRL stands because that Elite Club Regional League. Additionally known as theECNL regional League platform, the ECRL is a collection of regional soccer leagues managed and also operated by the ECNL. The ECRL provides an chance for football player to construct their soccer an abilities and ability in a compete setting.

EDP – Elite breakthrough Program Soccer

EPD represents Elite Development regime Soccer. EPD is an organization that operates youth soccer leagues for both boys and girls throughout the unified States. The EPD additionally runs multiple tournaments and intends to construct soccer players and encourage them to to visit college.

ET – Extra Time

ET means Extra Time in soccer. Extra Time is a 30 minute duration of play time that a referee adds come the end of a soccer video game if the scores are tied at the end of regulation time. A video game will just involve extra time in the paper definition of competition soccer.

FA – soccer Association

FA means Football association in soccer. The FA is the governing human body of English soccer and was the very first soccer organization in modern-day soccer. The football Association created the an initial set of encode rules because that soccer.

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FC – football Club

The initials “FC” in soccer means the indigenous “Football Club”. FC typically follows, but occasionally come before, the official name that a football team. Because that example, brand-new York City FC or FC Barcelona. These letter are component of a team’s brand.

FIFA – Federation Internationale de football Association

FIFA stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association in soccer. Founded in Paris, France in 1904, FIFA is the governing human body of human being soccer. In English, FIFA method International Federation of association Football.

FT – complete Time

FT means Full Time in soccer. Permanent is a term supplied to average the time allocated to a video game has finished and also the video game is now over. At permanent the players must stop competing and also no further action can take it place.

GA – goals Against

GA represents Goals Against in soccer. GA or purposes Against means the total variety of goals a team has conceded transparent a organization season or during tournament competition. You will most frequently see the acronym provided in a soccer organization table.

GD – score Difference

GD in soccer means “Goal Difference”. GD or Goal distinction is the difference between the objectives scored and also conceded by a team in a soccer organization ranking system. Goal difference is often used as a tiebreaker to decide what team finishes greater in the rankings.

GF – goals For

In soccer, GF means “Goals For”. GF or purposes For refers to the number of goals a football team has actually scored throughout the duration of a competition. Periodically you will see the acronym GF replaced with GS. GS was standing for objectives Scored.

GP – games Played

GP stands for Games Played in Soccer. GP refers to the variety of games a football team has actually played transparent the expression of a league season or tournament competition. Every team in a league must beat a certain amount the games prior to the season is over.

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GS – goals Scored

GS means Goals Scored in soccer. GS or objectives Scored refers to the number of goals a soccer team has scored transparent the duration of a competition. Periodically you will watch the acronym GS replaced with GF. GF was standing for goals For.

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H – Home

H stands for Home in soccer. When the letter H is used in soccer, it describes a game played in ~ a soccer team’s home field or stadium. You will certainly most typically see the letter H supplied in soccer rankings to suggest the number of games a team has played at residence rather than away.

HT – half Time

HT represents Half Time in soccer. HT or fifty percent Time refers to the 15-minute break in between the 2 halves of a soccer game. You will certainly most regularly see the acronym HT presented beside the existing score the a soccer game at the half-time interval.

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ID – Identification

ID means Identification in soccer and also is offered in the context of a football ID camp. Soccer ID camps are supplied by colleges to identify the best young football players and recruit lock to your college soccer teams.

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INT – international Game

INT represents an International game in soccer. An international video game is any game the is played by the national team of one country versus the nationwide of one more country. International soccer gamings are played multiple time throughout a soccer season.

JV – junior Varsity

JV means Junior Varsity in soccer. Junior varsity soccer teams consist the the players in a college or school that play because that a reduced quality football team 보다 the team the ideal players in the institution play for.

Meg – Nutmeg

The abbreviation Meg means Nutmeg in soccer. The word meg is supplied as a shortened variation of words nutmeg. A nutmeg in soccer happens as soon as one player theatre the sphere through the legs of an the opposite player. A meg is additionally known as a panna or nuts.

MLS – significant League Soccer

In soccer, MLS stands for Major League Soccer. The MLS is the highest possible level of men’s expert soccer in the united States and also Canada. Started in 1996, major League Soccer consists of twenty-seven groups located across North America.

MP – Matches Played

MP means Matches Played in soccer. The number of matches played by a single soccer team is often presented on a soccer organization table next to the letter MP. A match in football is one more name because that a game.

Nil – Zero

Nil way zero in soccer. words nil is offered in soccer in place of the word zero. If a football team hasn’t scored any kind of goals in a game, climate their number of goals scored is stated to it is in Nil. Nil is a shortened version of the Latin word for nothing.

NPL – national Premier Leagues

NPL represents National Premier Leagues in soccer. The NPL is a weekly youth football competition that takes place across the united States. The aim of the NPL is to encourage youth football and provide opportunities for both boys and also girls to build their soccer skills and abilities.

NWSL – national Women’s soccer League

NWSL means National Women’s Soccer League in soccer. The NWSL is the optimal women’s skilled soccer organization in the joined States. The NWSL was developed in 2012 and consists the 10 teams that complete each year from April through November.

ODP – Olympic breakthrough Program

ODP way Olympic Development Program in soccer. ODP football is a development program run by us Soccer come discover and develop the ideal youth football players in the country. Players are selected for the ODP through a process of open up tryouts.

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OG – own Goal

In soccer, OG method Own Goal. An very own goal is a goal a player scores into their very own team’s goal net. Any kind of player deserve to score an very own goal either accidentally or ~ above purpose. An own goal counts because that as countless points together a common goal.

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PK – punish Kick

PK means Penalty Kick in soccer. A penalty absent is a shooting at score taken indigenous the penalty note within a punish area ~ above a soccer field. A referee will award a PK to a team as soon as a player commits an offense against an attack player within the punish area.

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PLD – gamings Played

PLD stands for games Played in soccer. The abbreviation PLD is most generally used in a list of football rankings to present the total variety of games play by one team transparent the food of a competition. The variety of games play is an indication that how much through a compete a team is.

PTS – Points

PTS stands for Points in soccer. The abbreviation PTS is offered in football to show the total number of points a team has actually earned transparent a league competition. The number of points a team has actually determines its place in the rankings.

SC – football Club

In soccer, SC represents Soccer Club. The acronym SC is most regularly seen as part of a football team’s name and indicates the objective of the organization. SC is an alternative to FC and is most commonly used in north America, wherein the sports is recognized as soccer rather than football.

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UCL – UEFA champions League

In soccer, UCL stands for UEFA Champions League. The UEFA Champions organization is a competitive tournament that takes place in Europe each year. The UCL is contested between the best teams in Europe through the winner crowned the best club team in Europe.

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UEFA – Union of europe Football Associations

In soccer, UEFA stands because that Union the European Football Associations. UEFA is the administer body for soccer across Europe and also oversees soccer, futsal, and beach soccer. UEFA was established in 1954 and also consists that 55 national organizations.

VAR – video clip Assistant Referees

VAR means Video Assistant Referees in soccer. Video assistant referees screen a video clip feed that a football game and review decision made through the referee on the field. The VAR communicates through the referee about any incident the referee may have missed or must reconsider.