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1Basketround A defensive tactic in which members of a team cover their enemies throughout the court and not just near their very own basket.

‘Florida requirements to be repeatedly reliable through its defense, whether the Gators are squeezing enemies via their full-court press or locking them up in the halfcourt.’
‘By placing on the full-court push, the Cardinals hope to beat out the other groups, and they just could do that.’‘Next Year"s NBA will hum via full-court presses, dead-eye jump-shooting, and endmuch less fast-breaking.’‘Their well-known full-court press compelled the Lions out of their half-court set and limited Lion veteran suggest man Chou Jung-san to simply one lone assist for the game.’‘He hregarding implement a halfcourt trap or a full-court press to pressure an up-tempo game, which might cause a faster pace and also even more energetic players. - Curtis Bunn’‘Coach Rick Pitino has actually abandoned his trademark full-court press, difficult his players to carry out it mane-a-mano.’‘In Video Game 3, the Nets did usage a double-team versus Shaq and also employed an effective full-court press.’‘The one big adjust under Walker, other than his use of an occasional full-court press, is the trimming of his rotation.’‘The Bruins" win streak started through the full-court push coach Steve Lavin set up.’‘The Illini scrambled right into a full-court push, and in an prompt, Jack Ingram was batting an inbounds pass loose from Arizona"s Channing Frye.’‘At times, the Cowboys are akin to a full-court push through the press they lug on offenses.’‘Asking your starters to full-court push in a seachild that long is not advisable for a coach trying to store his team healthy and happy. - Stan McNeal’‘It could assist matters and also create much-needed energy if Wilkens instituted protective press in the means of a full-court push or half-court trap at the start of games to get the team energetic beforehand.’‘Seattle has actually applied some brand-new protective styles and also has actually tried to perfect its full-court press.’‘The team will be utilizing full-court presses on defense to pressure turnovers and will certainly play up-tempo on offense.’‘Observe and learn the principles to assault full-court presses, half-court traps, and half-court pressure.’‘Not that anyone really expects the double-groups and also full-court presses to acquire to Whalen.’‘The tradenote of Stallion basketsphere as soon as he was there was 40 minutes of full-court presses and trapping defenses.’‘These Hoyas occasionally use full-court presses, and they will periodically trap out of their half-court man-to-male.’‘Many college basketball coaches, Greenberg included, emphasis on full-court presses and defending the flex reduced, and also not the odds of illustration a backdoor flush.’‘As the Raiders major round handler Korsberg provides her quickness to get over adversaries full-court presses.’‘Keep in mind that full-court presses are just made adhering to baskets; a turnover or defensive rebound hardly ever offers the defense enough time to get a press put up.’‘Did he miss all the slam dunks, three pointers, full-court presses and also blocked shots?’‘Their full-court presses created the wanted result - multiple turnovers which caused multiple Naches Valley layups.’‘In March Madness, you"ll face a variety of various looks over the course of the game, consisting of a variety of soft zones, trapping areas, full-court presses, and also conventional man-to-man defenses.’‘Coach Odom demonstrates how to break post-doubles, half-court traps, run-and-jump press, and also full-court presses.’‘Also, Coach K hregarding think around utilizing this athletic benefit on defense too, by throwing some full-court presses & traps right into the playbook.’
1.1US An circumstances of aggressive press.
‘if the president were to mount a full-court press for the room station’
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‘The Hunters" lead hit 24 midmethod through the third quarter, when YMY turned up the defensive press via a full-court push.’‘I simply hope the Senate is solid sufficient to stand as much as this full-court push by the White House.’‘The Johnsons take pride in their reputation for unassailable stewardship, and also they have taken the lead in the industry"s full-court press against the brand-new rules.’‘The Kremlin"s full-court push and the four-party alliance opposing Yakovlev left Smolny through few reliable obtainable techniques.’‘According to scholars, this full-court press to reach spiritual areas comes not a minute as well soon.’‘This womale, that has actually no endure via the media whatsoever, is about to confront a full-court press of the best PR people, the finest lawyers, who will certainly uncover anything she has ever before done in her life, and I really feel sorry for her.’‘I expect, I understand that the defense is really putting on a full-court push, taking a look at the households to check out if they have the right to poke holes in the story and also to watch if tright here are ulterior motives.’‘And making a full-court press in the spring of 2003 likely would have been tough while we were concentrating so many resources on Iraq.’‘Make a full-court push to get Russia to come to realize that a nuclear Iran is not a stabilizing influence; it"s a destabilizing influence.’‘With just two days left till the California recontact election, the candidates are placing on a full-court press to win over voters.’‘Tbelow are other parties to these agreements, and also we are in a full-court push for consultations via those impacted parties.’‘Officials say currently what they contact a full-court press is on across Iraq, trying to find insurgents.’‘This countered a full-court press by Defence Secretary Forrestal to have a military team create this crucial record.’‘The contractor, which initially regulated some health and safety at the site, soon began mounting a full-court press to take over the project, submitting a proposal to City Hall and lobbying contractors and also union officials.’‘Sensing that Nike"s lack of a prstove sporting activities superstar marketing its shoes spells weakness, rivals are mounting a full-court push.’‘Before then, retailers and drug devices had actually installed a full-court push versus the bill.’‘Our agents and informants are putting a full-court press on in this nation and around the human being.’‘At the time, Blackwell said the railroad had stepped up its initiatives, adding: ‘Ours has been a full-court press of security education and learning and follow-up.’’