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Japanese : Night rainJapanese: the endBasque: mother city

What does Amaya mean and stand for?

The name Amaya is the Japanese beginning and method "mother city; night rain." The Spanish type of this name derives indigenous the city the the same name and also was often used together a surname. That is a different of Amaia.

Syllables: 3

Family name beginnings & meanings

Spanish : habitational name, indigenous the surname of a mountain and an old city in the district of Burgos, probably obtained from Basque amai ‘end’ + the short article suffix -a.Japanese : commonly written through characters definition ‘heavenly valley’. That is pronounced Amaya or Amagai in east Japan and also Amatani in west Japan.


According to social Security administration data, Amaya has actually slowly started to diminish in popularity after years of a stable rise. Starting at 196 in 2000, Amaya has fallen in and out the the peak 200s in the last two decades, peaking in ~ rank 130 in 2018.

However, that is the 38th most popular name ~ above

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According come Google find data analysis, in the last 5 years Amaya to be at its height popularity in October 2019.

Amaya, i m sorry is much much more popular than its sister spelling, Amaia, is perhaps many identifiable together a city in Mexico. Typically used as a surname, Amaya is progressively becoming an ext popular together a given name. Gibbs Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann may have actually started a trend when they called their daughter Amaya in 2011.

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