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The civilization of Alagaësia is shrouded in secret and wonder. As soon as burning concerns are answered, at least two an ext are asked. While readers will have to wait for future publications to unearth countless of the answers, Christopher to be kind enough to attend to some the the Inheritance community’s generally asked concerns below.

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Questions about Angela…

Angela the herbalist was influenced by my sister, Angela. She to know the Latin name of all our neighborhood plants and also actually had a humorous argument with her uncle around whether toads space really frogs. She is a wonderful and also fascinating person, complete of wit and also wisdom, and also a an excellent sport about having a character called after her.

And what is Angela’s true name? currently do you really think she would disclose something prefer that come me, the author? No, that is a mystery she’s walking to store for a if longer.

How old is Angela? Well, Eragon could ask her how old she is, yet what she would answer no one knows. Besides, it’s not polite to ask a woman her period . . . Especially when she has the capacity to revolve you into a toad!

Angela’s sword, Tinkledeath, is made from fascinating diamond. It have the right to store energy, as deserve to all jewels.

What walk the Menoa Tree take from Eragon?

The Menoa tree did take it something indigenous Eragon, however I can’t speak what there is no spoiling my following book collection within Alagaësia.

What is Eragon’s true name? What is the true surname for the ancient Language?

In regard to Eragon’s true name, I determined not to disclose it because those words space words the magic. Ns felt that giving them to readers would certainly spoil few of the mystery and strength they hold. You could say the totality Inheritance Cycle includes Eragon’s true name. Yet its short type is a secret between Eragon, Saphira, Glaedr, and Arya.

As because that the surname of the old Language . . . That, too, is a secret.

What taken place to Glaedr’s body?

After Glaedr’s human body was killed by Thorn, the elves recovered his flesh and also bones, in addition to the body of Oromis. They hidden them close come Gil’ead and sang a was standing of oak trees into existence over your bodies. Ns was walking to write this step in Inheritance, but the book was gaining too long, so mine editor decided that i shouldn’t encompass it.

Following the fatality of Glaedr’s body, his consciousness determined to live ~ above in his Eldunarí. He still possesses every the wisdom and powers, mental and magical, the he had prior to his transformation.

Have you composed any different endings to Inheritance, or walk you understand from the start where it would end?

I’ve constantly known where the cycle would certainly end. In fact, if friend go earlier and reread Eragon, you’ll check out that the personality of Eragon actually has a premonition/dream that the last scene the the series, once he’s recovering after having dragged Garrow come Carvahall. Ns did adjust the fates that a few of the main characters, but the critical scenes have actually remained the same.

Explain her thoughts about the finishing of Inheritance.

I created the finishing that i felt was appropriate for the world and also the characters. To carry out anything else would have fractured the inner logic that the series. If i had forced Eragon and also Arya together, that would have fulfilled Eragon’s wishes but damaged Arya’s character. What you have actually keep in mental is that also though Inheritance is the end of this series, that is not the end of the world of Alagaësia; Eragon and also Arya’s story will continue. They room going come live for a very long time, and also their partnership is much from over.

Where I would certainly live in Alagaesia.

If I resided in Alagaësia, I would live in Tronjheim or among the various other dwarf cities. I would bring a huge ax, have a lengthy beard, wear an stole cap, and sing dwarf opera (very badly).

Will there be one more Eragon film?

I’m still waiting to view what’s going come happen. You have the right to be sure that I’ll permit my fans know, if and when I have news!

What are you working on now?

Over the past ten years I’ve assumed of a totality bunch of story that i would choose to write, stories in various genres and for different media. I’m at this time working on a scientific research fiction novel.

Will girlfriend visit my regional bookstore or school?

I am right now focusing ~ above writing new stories. Future events will be announced on my website.

How deserve to I contact you?

I don’t correspond v fans online, however you have the right to write to me in treatment of mine publisher, and also I’ll execute my best to get back to you. Friend can find this address, together with guidelines, here.

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