Updated respectable 8: mslsec.com.com readers who’ve been missing out on watching Bold and also the Beautiful and Young and the Restless due to the CBS blackout on your satellite business can currently rest easy. Variety is reporting the CBS and AT&T newly came to new terms ~ above carriage the CBS station via DirecTV satellite service. No further details were easily accessible at this time.

On July 22, us alerted fans who tune right into their favorite CBS mslsec.com ~ above DirecTV or at & t U-verse may have actually noticed that as of today, lock no much longer receive the channel. The impacted markets include, however are not limited to, new York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, mountain Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Tampa, Seattle, Detroit, Minneapolis, Miami, Denver, Sacramento, Pittsburgh and also Baltimore. The 7-year contract to bring CBS expired between AT&T and also its DirecTV, DirecTV Now and U-Verse pay-TV platforms on Friday July 19 in ~ 11:00 PM. Since they could not come to brand-new terms, CBS and all of its connected stations, consisting of CBSN, CBS Sports, The Smithsonian Channel, have actually gone dark. CBS has allegedly accused at&t of gift at fault because that this move and also that the AT&T was proposing unfair state well below those agreed to by its competitors to store the channel, and also that the agency has a background of making use of aggressive techniques to acquire programmers to accept below-market terms. Freshly AT&T had worries with dozens of neighborhood stations own by Nexstar, and those stations to be dark for nearly three weeks critical March. CBS is encouraging world to need AT&T reclaim CBS by calling 1-855-5-KEEP-CBS or visit keep CBS. They caution the while they continue to negotiate in great faith and also hope the AT&T agrees come fair state soon, the lose of CBS programming could continue for a lengthy time.

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AT&T accused fired back at CBS, accusing the station at being at fault and being a repeat blackout offender, pulling its terminal on competitors such as DISH Network and Charter Spectrum in the past to shot to boost fees and also to have actually their own terms met. At & t accuses CBS the wanting unprecedented boosts while at the same time advancing new, exclusive contents on its pay-for-view service CBS All accessibility instead of on its local broadcast stations. They’ve accused CBS of using its free broadcast station, and also the declaring review they obtain from their local stations come promote and finance CBS all Access, a high-cost premium accessibility channel. At&t has stated that they readily available to pay CBS an extraordinary rate increase and also the greatest fee they at this time pay to any major broadcast network group, yet CBS has actually refused your offer. At&t has offered advice to its client who have actually lost accessibility to CBS in stimulate to proceed accessing the channel. They instruct that customers in part cities can watch CBS with the brand-new Locast app through your TV set-top box or top top a mobile device. To gain access to it, press the right arrowhead on your DIRECTV remote or press the walk Interactive button on your U-verse far to download the application to your set-top box, or download the app to your mobile machine to acquire started. They also indicate some CBS shows are still obtainable on the CBS All access streaming service free of charge. Finally, you can watch CBS local stations end the wait if friend still have a TV v an antenna, top top most neighborhood CBS stations’ websites, or in ~ CBS.com.

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mslsec.com.com will proceed to monitor this dispute and bring update on any pending resolutions.

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If you’re a DirecTV or at&t U-verse TV customer missing your favorite CBS shows, visit https://t.co/eM7iQynZ8X for more information and also to find alternate viewing options.