Talking about future plans is daunting in English since we use various verb forms and also tenses. In this post you’ll learn how to talk about your plans for the weekend. You’ll learn when to usage the present continuous, be walking to, and will. You’ll likewise learn why ‘gonna’ is NOT a proper or acceptable composed word!

How perform you answer these questions?

What space your plans because that the weekend?

What are you doing this weekend?


Before girlfriend answer the above questions, you need to ask yourself part questions:

1) execute you have actually definite plans? have you already made species to carry out something?

Use the present continuous! This it is too dirty is provided when you know precisely what you space doing ~ above the weekend (notice that the present constant is offered in the question, “What are you law this weekend?”):

I‘m working this weekend.

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My sisters is getting married on Saturday!

I‘m going shopping with my friends.

We‘re having a party at our location Saturday night!

I‘m meeting my parents for dinner tomorrow.

I‘m taking mine cat to the vet because that his yearly checkup!

I‘m going to the U2 concert!(*note the this is NOT the ‘be walk to‘ future! This is simply the verb ‘go’ supplied in the present continuous!)

In the above examples, that is not vital to use future time words (this weekend, on Sunday, tonight, tomorrow) because we currently know indigenous the concern that you room talking about the future. If the is not clear from the context of the conversation the you are talking about the future, then you must use future time words.

2) have you made decision to carry out something or execute you intend to execute something, however you don’t have actually definite to plan yet?

Use the be going to future. The is provided to express a plan. Think that be walking to together a modal verb – that is constantly used with one more verb.

I‘m going to clean my entire house this weekend!

I‘m going come finish my publication report and then meet mine friends for dinner!

We are going come look because that a brand-new car!

You’ll an alert that I have actually NOT provided the horrible, dreadful word ‘gonna‘ in the above examples. This is due to the fact that ‘gonna’ is NOT a ideal English word! it is the sound that native speakers make as soon as they speak ‘going to’ (in the be going to future and also before an additional verb) however it is NOTa appropriate written word. In fact, as soon as you create this word, it renders you watch unprofessional and uneducated.

I don’t recognize why world learning English like to usage this indigenous so much – they use it much more than indigenous speakers do! It’s a very bad habit that you require to acquire out of. (When aboriginal speakers write this word, the is usually when they are imitating what who said.)

3) are you tho thinking around what you want to carry out this weekend?

Use the future simple (‘will‘) for a decision you do at the moment of speaking (the minute someone asks you “What are your plans for the weekend?”)Remember, will is favor a modal verb and also is offered with one more verb.

I don’t recognize what I’m act this weekend. I think I’ll call Anne and see what she’s doing.

I think I’ll try to acquire a ticket for the U2 concert top top Sunday.

*Will is likewise used in the first conditional (the future possible/real conditional):

If the weather is nice this weekend, I‘ll take my family members to the park.

If I finish my homework by Saturday night, I‘ll go to Amber’s party.

*Shall is not offered in phibìc American English.

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Now you can answer the inquiry “What room you plans for the weekend?” or “What are you doing this weekend?


Jack says

January 9, 2013 at 8:09 am

HI,Teacher Melanie:Thank you so much!!And I want to asking a question:”A variety of college students space going (A.camping B. To camp) this weekend.”–So both selections space correct,right?

mitle says

March 17, 2013 at 11:39 am

hi Melanie,I understand you are on vacation now,but might I questioning a question?I review in “English Grammar in use” book about question tag,It claims that “after Let’s…we use shall we”.example: Let’s take a walk,shall we?Above,you stated that shall to be not supplied in north American English,so what do you usage in this sentence?tks for this reason much

Melanie says

March 25, 2013 at 7:25 pm

Hi, Mitle!

Good question! as it claims in the book, ‘shall we’ is the tag used after ‘Let’s.’ That’s it. That’s the only use that ‘shall’ in American English, and also even then that concern tag is rarely used. I wouldn’t worry about using ‘shall’ at every in American English.

= )

randy says

May 11, 2013 at 4:41 pm

Which one is correct..?Whar room your planning because that the weekend.Orwhar space your plans for weekend.Because verb setup is not usage in present simple verbs for future

Darek says

July 10, 2013 in ~ 10:56 am

hi Melanie!!!!

how must I say?

for example:

There room going to be a lot world at the party

or There will certainly be a lot of of human being at the party

and question

Are there going to it is in a many of people at the party?

or will certainly there be a lot of people at the party?

1) carry out you have actually definite plans? have you currently made species to perform something?for answer, can we say for example: i want to proceed my education in doctorate level.can we use want for descibing future plans?

HELLO MELAINE I’m native mexico and I have just found your net page and it’s an extremely interesting and also usuful. But I have a concern How have the right to you usage the an easy present because that future?

That was good information. Thanks. I want to asking a question:What should we choose for a future plan? will + 1st verb or Present constant if both the alternatives are given in the exams, e.g. The chairman ___________ India morning morning. (will visit, is visiting, is going to visit)Please tell the preference. Thanks

Hi Melanie, deserve to you please assist me? i m sorry one is correct.

Are friend doing noþeles for having lunch tomorrow?Will you do anything for lunch tomorrow?