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4 formal and also informal qualifications for president

1. Unit IV class 4 The Formal and also Informal Qualifications because that U.S. President 2. crucial Question: • What are the institutions and policy-making processes of the nationwide government? • What are the links in between the branches of the nationwide government, political parties, interest groups, publicly opinion, the media, and also state and also local governments? 3. Qualifications 4. official “Constitutional” Qualifications an separation, personal, instance Must meet In stimulate to operation for U.S. President: 5. 1) have to be at the very least 35 year old 1981 1980 Mr. Sea 6. 2) must be a Natural-Born citizens “No Person other than a organic Born Citizen…” “Naturalized” “Natural Born Citizen” 7. august 5, 1961 8. over there is tho one more formal requirement to it is in President… 35 year Old organic Born citizens 9. 3) Must have lived in the U.S. For at least 14 year “14 years a Resident in ~ These united States” “Natural Born Citizen” Jefferson 10. it is it! over there aren’t may formal needs to be President! It appears like nearly ANYONE deserve to do it! 35 14 11. Mr. Sea 12. unshened (NOT discovered in the Constitution) qualifications that typically assist an individual gain elected: 13. unshened Qualifications: 14. *Money- In 2012 the Obama project spent 1.2 billion DOLLARS to re-elect the President. A candidate will require a huge fortune prior to declaring his candidacy and additionally the capability to raise big sums that money during a project $141,000 $400,000 “Donors” “Donors” “Campaign Funds” 15. *Political Experience- Every chairman in the critical 100 year (with ONE exception) was either a Senator, Governor, or Vice-President before entering the White house 44 43 42 41 16. president Dwight D Eisenhower 34 general Eisenhower 17. What various other INFORMAL attributes do most presidential candidates typically have? 18. an excellent Speaker politics Party Tall/Good Looking family members Christian Hair! 19. There can Be 20. 42 2008 “Cabinet” 21. The formal constitutional qualifications for president include every one of the adhering to EXCEPT: A.Residence in the U.S. For at least 14 years B.Be a member that a politics party C.Be a natural-born citizen D.Be at the very least 35 year old 22. In the last 50 years candidates for president have been the very least likely come come native which the the adhering to sources? A.The Vice-Presidency B.State Governorships C.Presidential cabinets D.Congress