just how to Winterize power Tools and also MachinesThis video clip explains just how to correctly winterize strength tools and machines for winter storage, increasing the life and also performance the seasonal tools.

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How to eliminate a Trimmer ClutchThis video explains how to remove the clutch from many line and string trimmers. Tips are provided for removed tricky clutch drum screws.


Line Trimmers 101

This post explains the an easy types and features of heat trimmers, and also it also offers purchase guidelines for line garden trimmers.

I deserve to NOT see WHERE THE FUEL currently RUN, I have actually ONE that IS HANGING down FROM THE UNDER side OF THE UNIT. WHERE can I GO and also SEE A DIAGRAM mirroring WHERE THE lines RUN and CONNECT?
Hello RH Parks, thank you because that writing. We have a video clip that may help you through this. Below is a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0Qe5qyoTMs. Us hope this helps.
Tried changing the pull start cord the was broken. No stress and anxiety afterwards. Recoil spring and the anxiety springs no broken. What have I been doing wrong? thanks in advance.
hello Manni, components like the recoil spring and tension spring have the right to be rusty/sticky also if not broken, I would certainly lubricate them and see if friend can try pulling the cord and also see if that gains tension again. Give thanks to you because that your inquiry and an excellent luck v your repair!
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Hi Keith34 not necessarily. The procedure for beginning a COLD 2-stroke is hit primer pear 4 or 5 times...choke fully closed...and accelerator trigger vast open. Traction starter cord. After that pops, relocate choke come 1/2 means closed ......throttle still open...and it need to start running. Climate after around a 10 second or so warmth up, open up choke completely for max air flow. If it does not start in this fashion, post back for much more tips, diagnosis, and help. The majority of problems with THESE machines is generally carburetor or fuel connected though.
Hi Keith34 ns am not a salesperson, nor carry out I work-related here. I come on here to aid others such as yourself resolve their very own equipment. The small carbs have actually 4 species of Mixture screws: 1.(most common) Splined Head...find this on ebay 2. Pac male Head 3. D-Head 4.Double-D Head check on ebay for best deal and lowest prices.

Hello 1292618,The component number 753-1190 split Boom Coupler, walk come through the Knob and also screws the will permit you to connect the upper and also lower shafts.-WJA
Does anyone have a diagram for which fuel line goes whereby on a 2 cycle trojan bilt tb20cs tuffy weed eater?
Hello 1166351,We have actually a pair articles and videos on that subject. Below are the links to them.How to replace Fuel currently on 2-Cycle Engines how to replace Trimmer Fuel LinesHope this helps,-WJA
Hello 1166351,We have actually a pair articles and videos on the subject. Right here are the links to them.How to change Fuel lines on 2-Cycle Engines exactly how to replace Trimmer Fuel LinesHope this helps,-WJA
I replaced the inside wall bulb however I got the three hoses combined up placing it ago together.Any one the end there that can explain which hose goes on i m sorry nipple?
Hello 30moves,That is a an extremely common issue. Because that that reason we prepared an post and video clip to aid you out through that. Right here is the link to it. Exactly how to change Fuel currently on a 2 bike Engine. Hope the helps,-WJA
Hello, how do I eliminate the cut head? That\"s the component that stays associated to the shaft. It\"s no the component that girlfriend spool the line in. I think it\"s figure 18 in the above diagram.
Hi lindsaylsu2. Go you ever before get response to your problem? I have actually the same challenge and cannot find anyone that knows how to take it this part off of the weed eater.
Hello lindsaylsu2, friend will need to remove the 791-610660 retainer, up within of the external spool. You might heed some needle nose pliers to obtain a organize of it. Don\"t worry around damaging it. When you stimulate the brand-new 753-04284 outer spool that comes v a brand-new retainer.-WJA
I broke the rope and also when i reattached it and also got everything ago together the rope has no tension, what go I do wrong
I think you needed to turn the pulley-block that the rope was wrapped around counter-clockwise about 4-5 times, or until you feeling the recoil feather that\"s underneath that pulley, feel favor it has tension on the spring. You need to organize that pulley so it doesn\"t retract till you cable the rope through the hole in the pulley. Once you have the rope strung through, climate you progressively release press off that pulley. The will begin to retract the rope and give you the stress you need. At the very least that\"s just how I perform the task and also it worked for me.If you\"re not getting any kind of tension when turning the pulley counter-clockwise, climate you probably have actually a damaged recoil spring lip, or the lip come out that the hole wherein it needs to it is in inserted.

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Hello Marsha,We have actually prepared an short article and video that i hope will help you v your trimmer repair. Right here is a attach to it. Exactly how to fix the Starter top top a Ryobi TrimmerHope this helps,-WJA
I have a tb20cs trojan bilt gas trimmer through a feather assist. The pull rope just pulls and a clanking sound is heard. The does not shot to start the engine. Exactly how do ns repair this.
Hello jmccane,I\"m reasoning it can be a pair of components that might be worn or broken. Take it a look at the recoil pulley, make certain the this on that aren\"t worn or broken. Likewise look at the flywheel assembly, look at the dogs on it to view if they are damaged.Hope this helps,WJA