Tremaine Aldon Neverson, much better well-known by his stage name, Trey Songz is an Amerideserve to Songwriter, Singer, and actor. He has released multiple albums over the years such as Trey Day, Ready, Say Aah!. His song, “Heart Attack” was additionally nominated for a Grammy Awards ago in 2013. Trey has actually several exciting tattoos on his body. And what’s more amazing is that each tattoo on Trey’s body has actually been developed by himself at residence with simply a little help. Trey believes that tattoos are really coherent and also should be worth somepoint and if one is obtaining a tatalso, they need to get it for somepoint distinct and not simply for the art. Let us take a look at the body art he has actually and the meanings behind them.

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1. ‘Cross’ Tattoo


Tattoo: The initially tattoo which Trey gained was once he was approximately 16. His best top arm contains a tatalso of a cross through scales of balance hanging from both sides of the cross. The line, “Only God Can Judge Me” is tattooed above the cross.

Meaning: The Cross represents his spiritual views and Trey gained this tattoo after getting inspired by Tupac who he looks approximately as an idol. He proclaimed just how Tupac had a tatas well which shelp, “Only God Can Judge Me” so he gained one too.

2. ‘Poem’ Tattoo


Tattoo: The left side of Trey’s chest consists of a tatalso of a poem that reads, “To God I pray might April’s showers rain on her Forrest and thrive the toughness that began through one Rose”.

Meaning: The poem was composed by Trey himself. His mother’s name is April. Foremainder is the name of his brvarious other and also Rose is the name of his grandmom. The poem implies that he prays to God that May his mom raise his brvarious other, Forest to be as solid as his grandmommy, Rose increased his mommy, April to be.

3. ‘Kid’ Tattoo


Tattoo: The top side of his left forearm contains a tatalso of a small boy wearing a cap and also a diaper together with timberland also boots, sitting on peak of the earth. The words, “april’s boy” are tattooed over the boy.

Meaning: The boy tattoo is actually a depiction of himself as soon as he was young. Trey constantly knew he would achieve good things bereason he worked hard in the direction of his goals. The words, “april’s boy” have actually two definitions. First that Trey’s mother’s name is April so April’s boy signifies Trey himself. Also, April’s boy is the name of one of the suppliers that Trey owns.

4. ‘Storm’ Tattoo


Tattoo: The lower side of his left forearm has a tattoo of a tornaexecute.

Meaning: The tornaexecute represents a storm and Trey gained this tattoo to denote that if you have the right to get with the storm, you have the right to attain anypoint.

5. ‘Initials’ Tattoo


Tattoo: The lower side of his appropriate wrist consists of a tattoo of 2 initials in addition to an infinity symbol. The tattoo has the letters “T” and also “H”.

Meaning: The initials belonged to Trey and also his then-girlfrifinish, Helen Gedlu but given that they split up, Trey has been wanting to cover the tattoo up but has not done it yet bereason he believes that to cover the tatalso up, it would need to be something really distinct. Just like the love they both mutual.

6. ‘Angels’ Tattoo



Tattoo: The back of the singer contains the biggest and the many recognizable ink that he has actually. His ago contains the tattoos of two angels, one on either side of his earlier with their wings widening onto his shoulders. The wings of the angels are withering down and also their falling feathers are tattooed dvery own both of his upper arms.

Meaning: Trey provided to travel a lot and also his grandmommy would be worried for him so he got the tattoos of the angels on his earlier to watch over him always. The wings of the angels are damaged and also feathers are falling down to provide the look of just how the angels are fighting many type of demons and also storms and watching over him.

7. ‘Sign’ Tattoo


Tattoo: The best side of his chest, just at the junction of his shoulder has one more distinct tatalso. There is a sign consisted of out of various initials that are tattooed on his body.

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Meaning: Trey was greatly increased by woguys and also that is why he got the initials of all the crucial womales in his life and mamelted them all together to make this art item and acquired it tattooed on his body. The major ones encompass the initial, ‘R‘ for his grandmom Rose. The ‘A’ for his mom, April. The piece likewise includes the names of his various other grandmommy and also his aunts.