Since autumn 2015, the third generation of the Tacoma is available. This generation is available in five trim levels. So are you here because you want to reset the maintenance required light on a Toyota Tacoma after an oil change?

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The maintenance required light will come on when the car needs an oil change. So it is a good idea to reset it after you change the engine oil. So today, I’m going to show you how to reset the maintenance light on your Toyota Tacoma.

Next, turn off the ignitionAfter that, you’re gonna need to hold down the ODO/ TRIP button and then turn the car on again without cranking the engineKeep press the ODO/ TRIP button until the maintenance required light shuts off

With Steering Button

Time needed: 3 minutes.This section will explain how to reset the maintenance light on the Tacoma by using the direction on the steering wheel to access the cluster menu. So let’s get started.
Turn the car on but not start the engineLeave your foot off the brake and then press the START button twice until you get to the accessory modeGo to the ⚙️ GEARThen you’re gonna need to scroll over your display all the way over the right to get to the gear icon and hit ok to enterFind and select the SETTINGSNext you’re gonna go down to Settings and hit OK to enterSelect MAINTENANCE RESETAfter that, you can go down towards the bottom to the Maintenance Reset then hit OK to enterSelect YESWhen a confirmation message appears, select YES, and the maintenance reset is complete
So that’s how you reset maintenance lights required in the Toyota Tacoma. These instructions are based on the Toyota Tacoma owner’s manual. The car I’m working on is 2017 Tacoma, but it works across 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 Tacoma’s pretty much and even most Toyota’s. Hope you guys enjoyed this content. So thanks for reading!

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