“There room years the ask questions and years the answer.” – Zora Neale Hurston, Their eye Were city hall God

This quote made me sit upright in my chair: wow. It brought to mental Alison’s an answer to mine jagged musings on 2017: “Some years pass kind of quietly and also others girlfriend come the end at the end a totally different human being than as soon as you started. It’s clean this one was the latter!”

Last year asked a lot of questions. Come to think of it, critical year request a lot of me, full-stop. It was an intense, unwieldy, incessant collection of swoops and also dips into stress, emotions, and also challenges I’d not anticipated. I became a mother, i recovered from a c-section, ns closed a business, I relocated cities, i bungled with a botched move, i parted ways with a home, ns metamorphosed right into an entirely brand-new kind that work. I did not constantly handle the turbulence elegantly. I remember stepping into the glass-walled shower of our old Chicago home about eight or ripe days after mini to be born, transforming on the water, and also sobbing because that no reason and every reason. I am a crier through nature, yet this to be different: I could not give a name to the strongness of what i was feeling. “Why am ns crying?” ns wondered, groping for the acquainted shapes the disappointment, or frustration, or hurt, or tenderness and emerging empty-handed.

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Now i know: it was the agony the change, offset by painkillers and hormones from mini’s delivery, shot with with the thrill and potency of new parenthood.

I wouldn’t say that 2018 has presented me v answers, exactly, as I still have only the haziest idea of what the future will hold. However 2018 is an answer, even if ns haven’t however discerned the meaning. It has the feeling of resolution, that a page turned. “Here, then: the following chapter.”

What about you? Is 2018 a year that is asking concerns or answering?


I absolutely loved listening to buy it Jessica Parker ~ above the Goop podcast. She is whip smart, deep kind, ambitious, and self-effacing. Her vocabulary is sterling, also — she offers “circumspect” wherein I might use something banal like “cautious” — and she speak a bit around her love the books, her relatively new imprint with Hogarth, and the first book she released through it, i m sorry I now am no hope to read. (Listening to she marvel over the book was delicious.)

I adore the brass crab figurine in the snap above. Ns think I need one because that my bookshelves — a nod to my Mid-Atlantic roots. I also love that it’s nestled alongside a vintage Cecil Beaton brand-new York book! #COVET

These room at the peak of my beauty lust list. I’m at this time using and loving this — hint, hint, I will be gifting this to basically every mrs I understand at some point this year — which appears to fill a similar beauty niche, but…glow drops?!

I to be absolutely obsessed with Jonathan van Ness from the re-boot that Queer Eye. (Can one more season come the end ASAP?) mine father freshly chided me because that my overuse of the word “obsess,” but this situation merits that is use. The is hilarious, self-deprecating, thoughtful, modern, and also this interview was a delight.

I love the simplicity of these K. Jacques sandals. Reasoning they could be mine go-to following summer.

I require to get out of mine candle rut. I am contemplating this, this, or this. (PSSST – check out the copywriting top top the Goop candle description. Outrageously stirring and provocative! who writes for her?! acquire that mrs a publication deal for her an initial volume of poetry.)

Thinking I could snag a party of this for those mainly in in between Tilly’s baths.

My mom offered me one of these in mine stocking one year, and also I usage it every job after getting out that the shower. Genius since my hair gets really tangly.

A an intricate version that sun-in!

Has anyone tried Outdoor Voices’ relay shorts? I’m inclined to give them a whirl in the cheery pink or sweet lilac.

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I usage these clean pouches when traveling — they’re TSA approved for every one of your liquids and much chic-er than a baggy. Also, on revenue RN!

Speaking of travel, Paravel is giving 20% off orders end $75 through code OUTOFOFFICE. I have long to be eyeing your chic weekender and also crossbodies, both that which can be personalized through hand-painted lettering and emojis!

I’m intrigued by these gorgeous turquoise abdominal muscle sandals, which boast a hoe far more manageable than the pair I usually wear that theirs and also a price tag the is quite darn difficult to turn down, yet — what come wear castle with?! I’ve never worn turquoise in mine life…

I have a major crush top top this bag by Naghedi, which looks prefer Bottega Veneta to me.

Jessica says:

I recently discovered your blog and have been enjoying going earlier and reading other posts you’ve created – thanks to your gift of linking, i beg your pardon is just how I arrived on this one in December (at least it’s the very same year?)!

One thing I want to speak is the I’m around 98% certain you additionally would have actually used “circumspect” in a discussion. Her writing makes me think more than any kind of other blog ns read/have read. I regularly google words the you use that I perform not know. Ns LOVE this aspect. I used to it is in an avid reader and also thus had a more comprehensive vocabulary that has due to the fact that dwindled a bit. Reading your short articles has certainly upped my video game a bit, so give thanks to you!