One evening, Momma is make dinner and also Kenny is act his homework once Byron to walk in with a cap on. See them, the tries to do a rapid exit. Momma stop him and also makes that take turn off his hat, only to uncover that his head is spanned with a blue...

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One evening, Momma is make dinner and also Kenny is act his homework when Byron walks in through a cap on. Seeing them, that tries to do a fast exit. Momma stops him and makes him take off his hat, only to uncover that his head is extended with a blue and white handkerchief. Momma knows automatically that Byron has done something the his father has clearly forbidden him to do: the has acquired a "conk," a procedure that has left his hair "reddish brown, straight, stiff and slick-looking." Momma, furious, asks Byron:

Is this right mess much more attractive 보다 your own hair? go those chemicals give you better-looking hair than me and your daddy and also God provided you?

when Momma tells Byron the he looks like a clown, Byron retorts that he walk not see anything wrong through his new hairdo and also that he think "Mexican-style hair" looks "cool." Momma warns him that he may not be emotion the same method once his dad gets v with him, and also she sends him come his room.

Kenny tells Joey about Byron"s hair as quickly as she arrives home from church, and the two of them go upstairs to wait with their huge brother. Kenny takes the possibility to offer Byron a difficult time because Byron is already in trouble and also will not be able to get earlier at him. Joey is shocked once she watch Byron"s hair and also admonishes him to wash it out before Dad gets home. Byron finally tells Joey that what he has done to his hair does no wash out; it will certainly be gone only when it grows out. Always protective the her oldest sibling, Joey asks Byron "who walk this come ," and also Kenny answers instinctively and correctly the Buphead is the culprit. Kenny continues to take the opportunity to torment Byron, and also Byron compare his instance to the of a "top-dog wolf" that is injured or otherwise weakened, with Kenny play the component of the "little jive wolves in the pack" who desire to take advantage of the situation and also overthrow him.

when the kids hear the sound that Dad"s car parking in the driveway, Joey starts "blubbering," Byron shows his nervousness swinging his legs ago and forth swiftly off the side of the bed, and Kenny proceeds his teasing by pretending to play a funeral track on a bugle. Lock listen together Momma speak Dad the there is a "surprise that among small darlings" has actually for him, then calls Byron downstairs. Dad is amazingly calm as soon as he sees Byron"s hair, musing that because it is permanent, over there is nothing he can do about it now. ~ a couple of more ominous comments, Dad decides the there is other he have the right to do, and also he whisks Byron back upstairs right into the bathroom and also locks the door. Dad bring away the precaution of stuffing the keyhole with toilet record to deter observers, but Kenny drops to the floor and also peers under the door to view what is going on. Dad take away a razor and, come Byron"s good embarrassment, shaves off all his hair.

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as soon as Byron and also Dad arise from the bathroom about a half-hour later, the whole family laughs in ~ the way Byron"s ears stick the end from his bald and shiny head. The laughter is short-lived, however, as Dad easily becomes major again, telling Byron the he has been told sufficient times to adjust his ways and that this time "something"s walking to it is in done." Dad and Momma have a personal talk and then get on the phone with Grandma Sands in Alabama. Kenny thinks that this is the end of "Bryon"s latest Adventure" until Dad brings home a TT AB-700 music player because that the Brown Bomber a couple of days later.