People have actually been asking a an excellent question around commas through names and also salutations, so right here goes:

Question: carry out I have to use a comma with a person’s name once I say "Hi" or "Hello"? because that example:

Hi, Maria. Hello, Nigel, an excellent morning, Kendra.

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Answer: Yes, you need to use a comma in between the person’s name and the greeting. (But view exceptions below.) The reason is "direct address." We usage commas to display that we room talking to the reader, not about the reader.

Hello, Rene.Danny, give thanks to you for your thoughtful message.Congratulations, Michael! i hope you know, Donelle, the we evaluate your tough work. Ns am composing to you, Kathryn, with some sad news.

Exception: Don’t use a comma through the greeting Dear, as in:

Dear Claudio: too ~ Claudio,

If you are wondering why i have presented the Dear Claudio greeting (salutation) with both a colon and a comma, the colon (:) is used in service letters. The comma is used in an individual ones (congratulations, condolences).

Exception: At times–for example, in email–you may pick to leave out the comma prior to the name once the greeting is "Hi":

Hi Freddie, hello Jess! hello Gregg–

You deserve to make that selection to have a breezier, less official sound greeting. However, that still provides sense to usage a comma with much longer greetings:

Good morning, Ahmed. Hello, Treena,

A note on Microsoft Office: The spellcheck feature in Office will flag sentences v "thank you" and a person’s name, v the pointer "Fragment (consider revising)." Example:

Dahlia, thank you because that the concert tickets.

Sentences prefer the one over are perfect–ignore the suggestion.

If you have actually questions around commas, please create me. Or pick up a good reference book. For company letters, ns recommend The Gregg referral Manual. For other purposes, check out Recommended books on mine website.

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Bye because that now, Reader.


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