This Storyboard That task is component of the class plans for The Strange instance of Dr. Jekyll and also Mr. Hyde



Themes, symbols, and motifs come alive once you use a storyboard. In this activity, college student will identify themes and symbols indigenous the novel, and also support their choices with details indigenous the text.

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Themes come Look For and also Discuss

The Duality of good and evil in Humanity

The duality of good and evil in humankind is a subject that plenty of are wake up to speak of: the fact that an excellent and evil exist in all of us, and that sometimes, evil overcomes the good. We have actually several instances from history to ago this idea up, yet sometimes it’s just the simple, daily things that highlight this duality: as soon as a boy bullies an additional child; giving into roadway rage; dispersing rumors around someone that is disliked; or speak mean and also hurtful points to someone we love. The Gothic heritage often straight opposed the principles of Transcendentalism, getting traction at the moment Stevenson composed this novella, i m sorry postured that humanity, if left to its own devices, would eventually choose an excellent over evil. Instead, this novel reflects that the evil in our nature, if provided a small nourishment and also attention, could grow into an uncontrollable monster.

The threats of Unethical Science

Dr. Jekyll arrives at Hyde through his testing with transient science. Unsatisfied through his life devoted to study, and becoming an ext convinced of the "hidden other" within, he adheres to his experiments also when they ended up being dangerous. Jekyll self writes the the peril of death was always present, but despite this, that felt compelled to monitor through and see what to be on the various other side that his potion. This lends credence to the often-disputed notion that as soon as one tries come play "God" and also mess v the natural order and also balance the things, destructive things have the right to result.

The Victorian traditional of Reputation

Henry Jekyll is smart and well-respected, however he finds himself bored by his victor obligations. That is pious and also makes certain that he provides to charities; he tries come ensure the he stays a benign number in the community; he continues to be out that trouble. However, he knows the deep under inside, yes sir someone rather vying because that attention. If he gives into the someone, however, his an extremely reputation might be destroyed. As soon as Jekyll allows Hyde come be collection free, he have the right to do anything the wants with virtual anonymity—after all, Hyde doesn’t yes, really exist. Jekyll is totally free to explore all of the things that would ruin him in London.

Motifs, Imagery & Symbols

The Door

An vital symbol is the door. The door itself is a way for Hyde to enter and leave the Jekyll residence unhindered. It offers Jekyll the ultimate freedom to adopt his within evil, end up being Hyde, and also go about the city engaging in evil exploits, without ever before being held accountable to his servants or friends. When Jekyll resolves to stop turning into Hyde, that crushes the an essential to the door beneath his heel; however, it ultimately does not prevent the evil Hyde native returning.

Hyde’s Physiognomy

Hyde"s challenge exudes pure evil; the mere sight of that inspires human being to dislike him, fear him, or be completely repulsed by him. Enfield relates, "There is something wrong with his appearance; miscellaneous displeasing, something downright detestable." Hyde self is little in stature, due to the fact that he is the side of Jekyll’s personality that hasn’t been nourished: the angry side that has actually been repressed for years.

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The Salt

The salt that Jekyll offers to finalize and also perfect his experiment transforms out to be impure. It is the irony the this impurity is what permits the experiment come work, and also brings out the impurity in Jekyll. Once Jekyll is struggling to stay as Jekyll, he discovers that every one of the new samples the this salt room pure, and also he realizes the mistake. It is in this moment that Jekyll realizes he cannot be saved.