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Star Wars: The pressure Unleashed guide - Appendix

Lightsaber Crystals

Lightsaber Crystals

An elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

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Lightsaber Crystals emphasis the light of emitter matrix into a tangible beam that energy. Castle technically come in a rainbow of colors (including one tongue with numerous colors) however here you’re a little more limited.

The differences in between Standard, Compressed, and Unstable is completely visual. They carry out not give any benefit over another.

In addition to the light crystals, you likewise have power Crystals. Power Crystals augment the beam and also widen/shorten it/act as a capacitor/ect. In other words they do the beam an ext powerful in part aspect.

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To cycle in between Light and also Power, use RB (R1)/LB (L1).

=======================================================================Light Crystals=======================================================================

--== black ==--

- StandardUnlocked: Holocron #11 on death Star

*This crystal does not have any type of variants*

--== Blue ==--

- StandardUnlocked: Holocron #1 on The Empirical

- CompressedUnlocked: Holocron #1 on imperial Kashyyyk

- UnstableUnlocked: Holocron #13 on royal Felucia

--== eco-friendly ==--

- StandardUnlocked: Holocron #1 on imperial Felucia

- CompressedUnlocked: Holocron #6 on royal Raxus Prime

- UnstableUnlocked: Holocron #4 on death Star

--== gold ==--

- StandardUnlocked: Holocron #7 on Raxus Prime

- CompressedUnlocked: Holocron #8 ~ above Felucia

- UnstableUnlocked: Holocron #2 top top Cloud City

--== violet ==--

- StandardUnlocked: Holocron #14 on imperial Kashyyyk

- CompressedUnlocked: Holocron #4 on imperial Felucia

- UnstableUnlocked: Holocron #12 on royal Raxus Prime

--== Red ==--

- StandardUnlocked: Default crystal

- CompressedUnlocked: Holocron #4 ~ above Raxus Prime

- UnstableUnlocked: Holocron #5 top top Felucia

--== Yellow ==--

- StandardUnlocked: Holocron #2 on TIE Fighter Factory

- CompressedUnlocked: Holocron #10 on Raxus Prime

- UnstableUnlocked: Holocron #5 on Cloud City

=======================================================================Power Crystals =======================================================================

Ilum- Unlocked: Default- Augment: None

Rubat- Unlocked: Holocron #10 ~ above Tie Fighter Factory- Augment: Lightsaber attacks deal extra damage

Ruusan- Unlocked: Holocron #1 on Cloud City- Augment: force Powers cost less Force energy to use

Lorrdian- Unlocked: Holocron #5 ~ above The Empirical- Augment: Increased ability to deflect and also reflect blaster bolts

Sigil- Unlocked: Holocron #1 on royal Raxus Prime- Augment: Lightning based attacks deal extra damage

Vexxtal- Unlocked: Holocron #7 on imperial Felucia- Augment: Lightsaber assaults have a chance to corrupt opponents with a damaging aura (similar come the Sith drainpipe Holocrons)

Firkrann- Unlocked: Holocron #14 ~ above Raxus Prime- Augment: Lightsaber attacks have a opportunity to transaction extra electrical damage

Katak- Unlocked: Holocron #1 on fatality Star- Augment: Lightsaber assaults have a possibility to siphon health from opponents