Do shower head curtains go inside or external of the tub? The answer to this question has actually been hotly disputed over the years. When some people argue that the shower head curtain should go within the tub, others claim that it should hang outside.

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I personally think that the answer come this depends on your understanding of the function of the shower head curtain and also the shower head curtain liner.

Ideally, the shower head curtain liner is designed come go within the bathtub while the shower curtain go outside. However, if you carry out not have actually a shower curtain liner, climate you may need to use her shower curtain within the tub. But is that a great option? stop look at some of the reasons why that not best to use the shower head curtain within the tub.

Do shower curtains go within or external of the tub?

First, let’s know the difference in between a shower curtain and also a curtain liner and their respective functions.

Shower curtain vs shower head liner; what is the difference?

Shower curtain liner

A shower curtain liner is a simple vinyl or plastic curtain that goes within the bath tub to avoid water native splashing anywhere the floor.

It is generally transparent and also thin therefore one can easily see v it from exterior the tub.

A shower head curtain, on the other hand, hangs exterior of the tub. The is supplied alongside the curtain liner to do it opaque for privacy reasons.

It is also used because that decorative purposes. Human being go to an excellent lengths to pick a curtain the matches the remainder of your bathroom or shower décor so as to make it an ext attractive and stylish.

So, do you need a shower curtain and also liner?

Of course, girlfriend do require to have a shower curtain and a liner.

For starters, if you fail to use a shower head liner and opt to have actually the curtain inside the tub, girlfriend will have to address mold.

Once within the tub, the curtain may soak in moisture, soap residue, and mineral buildup after frequent use. This results in the expansion of mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Apart from her curtain looking gross, the mold can end up being a health risk to you and your family.

A curtain liner, top top the various other hand, does no soak in moisture especially when the is treated to it is in mildew resistant.

Furthermore, if mold grows on her liner, it is simple to toss that away and also purchase an additional one due to the fact that most liners room not expensive. This is something you may discover hard come do specifically if friend spent numerous bucks top top the curtain.

It is additionally important to point out the mold is not straightforward to eliminate from any fabric. So as soon as your curtain molds, you may have no an option but to litter it away and also get another one, which is costly.

Therefore, you need a shower liner to defend your shower head curtain from any kind of damage that might be caused by moisture.

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Can I just use a shower head curtain liner only?

Yes. You can actually usage the shower liner without the shower curtain.

However, you may need to find a liner that is opaque because that privacy if girlfriend leave with other human being such as family members, friends, or roommates.

It should additionally be heavy sufficient so that it deserve to stay down and prevent the billowing effect that provides it stick to you as you shower.

In addition, if you desire it to complement the rest of her bathroom décor, prefer tiles and also walls, you can go for liners that come in various colors and patterns come suit her needs.

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Now that you have actually seen the shower curtains execute not go within the tub, you may need to get yourself a shower head liner. The liner will protect against water indigenous splashing on the floor as well as protect her beautiful curtain liner native mildew. However, it is no a written rule that you need to use both the shower liner and also the curtain. If having two class of curtains do not appeal to you, a solitary curtain liner deserve to work perfectly there is no a shower head curtain.