This tutorial will be going over just how to properly produce an R15 morph rig that is able to be supplied in conjunction through an R15 auto-morph script. This tutorial is supposed for customers who great to effectively use functioning auto-morphs in their genres or game.

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To begin setup up her rig, you’ll require to obtain a default one first. The easiest means of obtaining one is to click the “Plugins” tab, click “Rig Builder”, make certain it’s collection to R15 and also then click on the “Block Rig” option.

You’ll then want to open up the dummy version up in Workspace to see this.
Delete all of that because that each one. Do not delete the mesh within of the Head though! You’ll also want to open up the actual mesh inside of the Head and also delete the OriginalSize value.
Now you’ll want to rename every of the MeshParts inside of the models to “Middle” (without the quotations).

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You have successfully collection up an R15 morph rig that is prepared to be offered with one auto-morph script. Auto-morph scripts generate you in together the morph of her choosing. There room a plethora of ways to architecture your auto-morph script, however I use a compact and an easy one the will work for you.

To begin setup up her auto-morph script, go to ServerStorage, make a brand-new folder and name the “Morphs”. Currently inside the shape folder you’ll desire to make an additional folder and name it whatever you’d like, however I personally name mine the surname of the game I’m working on. Within of the folder you’ll desire to make an additional folder and name the “PersonalMorphs” every one of the form you’ll desire to use with the auto-morph manuscript will go within of the PersonalMorphs folder. If you got a morph you want to use, climate make one more folder within of the PersonalMorphs folder and name it every little thing you like. Ns personally surname mine the surname of the character my morph is. It’s less complicated to uncover them if you have actually a many them in there.Select every one of those (not the dummy itself) climate copy and also paste them into your folder the you named.

Now let’s move onto the script I have developed that girlfriend can produce yourself with these photos. Begin by going into ServerScriptService and making a script. Surname that manuscript “Morph”. Now open the manuscript up, delete “print(“Hello world!”)” and also we shall begin constructing it.

local football player = game:GetService("Players")local morphs = game:GetService("ServerStorage"):WaitForChild("Morphs") -- Looks because that the "Morph" folder you"ve developed earlier.local clearly shows = falselocal recol = ""function morph(plr, part, location, model, test)if plr ~= nil thenif check == "Morph" thenif plr:FindFirstChild("Morph") == nil thenlocal Folder ="Folder")Folder.Name = "Morph"Folder.Parent = plrendelseif check == "Coat" climate -- The "Coat" and also "Pauld" statements can be fully ignored or removed without harming the script.if plr:FindFirstChild("Coat") == nil thenlocal Folder ="Folder")Folder.Name = "Coat"Folder.Parent = plrendelseif test == "Add" thenif plr:FindFirstChild("Add") == nil thenlocal Folder ="Folder")Folder.Name = "Add"Folder.Parent = plrendelseif test == "Pauld" thenif plr:FindFirstChild("Pauld") == nil thenlocal Folder ="Folder")Folder.Name = "Pauld"Folder.Parent = plrendendlocal Folder = (test == "Morph" and plr:FindFirstChild("Morph") or test == "Coat" and plr:FindFirstChild("Coat") or check == "Add" and plr:FindFirstChild("Add") or check == "Pauld" and also plr:FindFirstChild("Pauld"))if Folder:FindFirstChild(model) == nil thenlocal g = location:Clone()g.Parent = Folderfor i, v in ipairs(g:GetChildren()) doif v:IsA("BasePart") thenlocal W ="Weld")W.Part0 = g.MiddleW.Part1 = vlocal CJ = C0 = g.Middle.CFrame:inverse() * CJlocal C1 = v.CFrame:inverse() * CJW.C0 = C0W.C1 = C1W.Parent = g.Middleendlocal Y ="Weld")Y.Part0 = plr:FindFirstChild(part)Y.Part1 = g.MiddleY.C0 =, 0, 0)Y.Parent = Y.Part0endlocal h = g:GetChildren()for i = 1, # h doif h.className == "Part" or h.className == "UnionOperation" or h.className == "MeshPart" or h.className == "WedgePart" then h.Anchored = falseh.CanCollide = falseendendendendendlocal duty RunThings(char,Model, test)pcall(function()if Model:findFirstChild("Head") thenmorph(char, "Head", Model, "Head",test)endif Model:findFirstChild("UpperTorso") then -- Looks for the body part models put inside that the named folder you made.morph(char, "UpperTorso", Model, "UpperTorso",test)endif Model:findFirstChild("LowerTorso") thenmorph(char, "LowerTorso", Model, "LowerTorso",test)endif Model:findFirstChild("LeftUpperArm") thenmorph(char, "LeftUpperArm", Model, "LeftUpperArm",test)endif Model:findFirstChild("RightUpperArm") thenmorph(char, "RightUpperArm", Model, "RightUpperArm",test)endif Model:findFirstChild("LeftLowerArm") thenmorph(char, "LeftLowerArm", Model, "LeftLowerArm",test)endif Model:findFirstChild("RightLowerArm") thenmorph(char, "RightLowerArm", Model, "RightLowerArm",test)endif Model:findFirstChild("LeftHand") thenmorph(char, "LeftHand", Model, "LeftHand",test)endif Model:findFirstChild("RightHand") thenmorph(char, "RightHand", Model, "RightHand",test)endif Model:findFirstChild("LeftUpperLeg") thenmorph(char, "LeftUpperLeg", Model, "LeftUpperLeg",test)endif Model:findFirstChild("RightUpperLeg") thenmorph(char, "RightUpperLeg", Model, "RightUpperLeg",test)endif Model:findFirstChild("LeftLowerLeg") thenmorph(char, "LeftLowerLeg", Model, "LeftLowerLeg",test)endif Model:findFirstChild("RightLowerLeg") thenmorph(char, "RightLowerLeg", Model, "RightLowerLeg",test)endif Model:findFirstChild("LeftFoot") thenmorph(char, "LeftFoot", Model, "LeftFoot",test)endif Model:findFirstChild("RightFoot") thenmorph(char, "RightFoot", Model, "RightFoot",test)endend)endlocal duty MorphUser(User,Team,Class,Morph,name)local MorphRoot = Morphs:WaitForChild(Morph)local design = MorphRoot:Clone()local char = User.CharacterRunThings(char,Model,name)endlocal function Body(depth,height,width,Char)for _,v in pairs(Char.Humanoid:GetChildren()) doif v.ClassName == "NumberValue" thenif v.Name == "BodyDepthScale" climate -- look at for any type of changes made come the depth, height and also width variables.v.Value = depthelseif v.Name == "BodyHeightScale" thenv.Value = heightelseif v.Name == "BodyWidthScale" thenv.Value = widthendendendendlocal duty Finale(Char)for i,v in pairs(Char:GetChildren()) doif v:IsA("Accessory") or v:IsA("Hat") thenv:Destroy()endendendlocal duty Finale0(Char)for i,v in pairs(Char:GetChildren()) doif v.ClassName == "MeshPart" or v.ClassName == "n/a" thenv.Transparency = 1if v:FindFirstChild("n/a") climate v.face:remove()endendendendlocal duty Finale1(Char)for i,v in pairs(Char:GetChildren()) doif v.ClassName == "MeshPart" or v.ClassName == "Part" thenv.Transparency = 1if v:FindFirstChild("face") then v.face:remove()endendendendlocal duty Finale2(Char)for i,v in pairs(Char:GetChildren()) doif v.ClassName == "MeshPart" or v.ClassName == "Part" and also v.Name ~= "Head" or v.Name ~= "LeftHand" or v.Name ~= "RightHand" thenv.Transparency = 1endendendlocal duty Head(head,Char) because that _,v in pairs(Char.Humanoid:GetChildren()) perform if v.ClassName == "NumberValue" then if v.Name == "HeadScale" then v.Value = head end end endendPlayers.PlayerAdded:connect(function(Player)Player.CharacterAdded:connect(function(Character)wait(2)visible = falseif Player.Name == "PLAYER NAME" climate -- transforming these variables transform the morph functions entirely.Body(1,1,1,Character)MorphUser(Player,"MAP NAME","PersonalMorphs","MORPH NAME","Morph")Finale(Character)Finale1(Character)endend)end)In the if Player.Name == ‘CalvinKadir’ statement, you’ll want to replace CalvinKadir v your own username or somebody else’s username. Friend can conveniently replace the line totally with a group or group rank statement for this reason that certain groups or team ranks will receive the morph instead.

if Player:GetRankInGroup(5025607) == 255

^ the line of code is an example of what you have the right to replace the name statement with.

You can additionally entirely eliminate the Body(1,1,1,Character) explain if you nothing ever arrangement on changing the height, width and also depth of her morph. Perform keep in mind the by an altering those values, you’ll have to also properly range the morph version itself, or you’ll finish up spawning in through your arms or foot floating away from her torso. I will describe how to execute that in a future progressed tutorial.

On heat 190 is whereby the folders you’ve developed previously in ServerStorage come in.MorphUser(Player,“The Void”,“PersonalMorphs”,“CalvinKadir”,“Morph”) should be changed to the name of the folders you have actually created. “The Void” would be changed and “CalvinKadir” would be changed. The rest should stay the same.

Basically the Finale statements space there to recognize which part of the morph is visible and which component isn’t. This is useful at times. To speak you want to do a morph, but you don’t want to make a practice head, girlfriend can readjust the Finale explain to do the head ~ above the morph invisible so the you can spawn in v the tradition body, but still have your own face, accessories and also head. Or you can just make it wherein you have actually your head and also face, but not any type of accessories.

Finale, Finale1, Finale2 and also Finale3 are all the types of Finale explanation you deserve to switch between. This won’t mess up the manuscript any, so simply experiment and choose which one you’d like. Notice that I have two Finales in the code below. One Finale add to onto or negates the effect of the various other Finale. It’s constantly a great idea to keep the Finale(Character) top top there, but it have the right to be switched for different effects choose I explained above.

if Player.Name == ‘CalvinKadir’ climate – whole section is changeable.Body(1,1,1,Character)MorphUser(Player,“The Void”,“PersonalMorphs”,“CalvinKadir”,“Morph”)Finale(Character)Finale1(Character)

if Player.Name == ‘’ thenBody(1,1,1,Character)MorphUser(Player,“Map Name”,“PersonalMorphs”,“Morph Name”,“Morph”)Finale(Character)Finale1(Character)

Be sure to adjust if to elseif top top the second one and also beyond.

Once you have thoroughly completed every of the actions above, the complex part is the end of the way. When you sign up with the video game via test or server, girlfriend will spawn in as the morph you inserted within the called folder friend created. You’ll continue to spawn in together this morph till you adjust it within Studio.

This setup is specifically useful for roleplaying genres, such together a Star battles or video game of Thrones genre. Through the rig functioning, friend can begin building and shaping that into everything character or human being you’d like. For example, me and my girlfriend have developed some Dishonored morphs, as well as many others. Your morph will go as much as your creativity.


When you’re structure your morph, be sure to placed the parts you’re including into the correct body component model. For this reason if you’re structure something top top the upper left arm, you’d ar those parts within the LeftUpperArm model.

I’d introduce not allowing one component to extend to another body part. If you’re structure something top top the upper arm, it shouldn’t prolong down come the lower arm. It’ll watch a little odd in-game. You can still do it, and also I usually build from the torso ~ above the shoulders of each eight all the time. But locations such as the arms could look a little bit off.

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If you have any type of other questions, you re welcome toss me a PM. Ok get back with girlfriend as shortly as i can.