Do you have to replace the stock on her Browning A-Bolt or Remington 700? space you confused whether her rifle is quick or long action? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many centerfire rifle owners confront this dilemma when ordering parts for the very first time. That’s why we’ve gathered this list of easy references that will hopefully assist you in selecting the correct part the an initial time.

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The explanation because that which activity you have actually is simple. It all counts on the length of your rifle’s receiver.

Many renowned manufacturers usage consistent measurements the will assist identify your action length. Because that example, if you own a Remington, Savage, or Winchester rifle, then the center to facility measurement that the activity holes (receiver screws) ~ above the bottom the the share will help you easily answer this question.


For basic reference, we’ve provided a list of renowned manufacturers" activity lengths.

Browning A-Bolt & X-Bolt

Short action – 7.25”

Long activity – 8”


Short activity – 7.25”

Long action – 7.75”

Marlin X7

Short action – 7”

Long activity – 7.50”

Mossberg Patriot

Short activity – 4.715”

Long action – 5.225”

Remington 700

Short activity – 6.5”

Long activity – 7.35”

Magnum – much longer than 7.35”

Remington 788

An exception to Remington’s traditional measurement, and to the common caliber designations.

Short action – 6.75”

Long activity – 7.062”

Ruger 77 MKII

Measurement is the whole length of the cause guard.


Short action – 7.625"

Long action – 8.375”

Ruger American

Short action – 4.046”

Long action – 4.578”


Short Action

1st Generation produced from 1959 to 1987. (Staggered feeding Magazine) -4.522”

2nd Generation made from 1998 to 2006 (Staggered feeding Magazine) -4.275”

3rd Generation made from 2006 up (Center feed Magazine) -4.400”

Long activity – 5.062”

(Staggered feed Magazine)

Thompson facility Venture

Short activity – 6.906”

Long activity – 7.468”

Winchester 70

Short activity – 7.031”

Long activity – 7.57”

Magnum – longer than 7.57”

Don’t watch your certain model? maybe the caliber of your rifle can help identify your action.

Rifle cartridges follow a measurement pointer as well, and also can it is in a genuine time saver in some cases. (Note: There space exceptions to every rule and also in this situation one of castle is the Remington 788. Caliber will not it is in a reliable means to identify the action).

Short activity rounds will have actually an overall length of less than 2.8” and the long activity rounds will have a greater all at once length that will no exceed 3.340”.

This is a standard guideline, but will not constantly apply to magnum cartridges. However, for the sake of keeping it simple and avoiding confusing exemptions, we room going to just stick v which calibers are long or brief action. We’ll leave many of the medium, magnum, and also ultra magnum action discussions because that the gun plank experts.

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Notice we said “most”? That’s due to the fact that of those pesky exceptions to the rules. This time it’s Sako rifles, which have actually a distinct system all your own. Sako actions space built to complement their caliber and are provided an action designation the is not used by any other manufacturer.