“Gimme a Grade” (also well-known as “Somebody offer Me a Grade” or “Give Me a Grade”) is a song from “The Baljeatles”, the twenty-first episode of the second season the Phineas and… check out More 

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Oh yeah!I have got something to say!I have been burned by vague lesson plansAnd a free-floating curriculumI prefer my rules, baby, etched in stoneBecause you understand I to be going come stick come themCan I obtain a syllabus? A small discipline?Judge me on a scale of A to FYou wasted every my timeLearning exactly how to rhymeAnd left me hanging native a Treble ClefSomebody gimme a gradeI require the man maintaining me downSomebody gimme a gradeIs there a red pen in this town?Somebody gimme a gradeI currently said it i require the extra credit transaction todaySomebody gimme a gradeAnd make it one AOoo, i am for this reason upset!
I to be stone-cold honor rollI won't it is in told exactly how to ventI won't cry or sigh I'm here to testifyUp v the establishmentMy parents know meFor conformity within of meWhich i can help the device out!I ain't no gonna waste mine summerGetting beatings from mine drummerPut a mic in former of me and also ill shoutSomebody gimme a gradeYou understand I'm gonna destructive the curveSomebody gimme a gradeThe only letter i deserveSomebody gimme a gradeThis isn't a requestI demand there it is in a test todayGimme a grade
“Gimme a Grade” (also known as “Somebody provide Me a Grade” or “Give Me a Grade”) is a track from “The Baljeatles”, the twenty-first illustration of the second season that Phineas and also Ferb.

In this episode, Baljeet and the rest of the gang attend a camp referred to as Summer Rocks, at which they find out to play rock music. Baljeet at first struggles with the curriculum, but just prior to he’s because of sing on stage, upon gift told that he i will not ~ be graded on his performance, the flies right into a rage and also composes a song around his desire to it is in graded, kept down by the man, and forced come conform.


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