Quaint music box store. Great customer service. One top top one attention. They gift wrapped my purchase in time for Christmas.

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Whenever we go to Sutter Creek we have to stop through our favorite store, The Music crate Company. Choose we walk this weekend.

They have actually such cool stuff and also the owners space as nice as have the right to be.We’ve gained some great pieces from them end the years.Look castle up.

Jeff Alley

This is mine moms favorite keep downtown since it’s for this reason fun!! ns love how it’s designed and also no matter what your period is, over there is constantly going to be something there because that you!
This place has a variety of beautiful assets that are just magical. Lock have everything for every occasion. And what’s even far better is the organization given through the sweet, humble couple that very own the shop. They are an ext than welcome to help you find anything you looking for, and show girlfriend around. Orders over the phone and also online are really efficient. From mine experience, the bespeak ships out and arrives within 2-3 days. The prices room reasonable and also definitely precious the high quality of the product. I was very pleased with all of my orders and I would certainly recommend this place and also buy from below over and also over again. 
So, “Doctor” mark is my new hero. Mine daughter has had a stuffed giraffe native Target because she was about 8 months old and also the crappy music crate in the snapped. Nobody in Sacramento to be willing to work on that (yes, I recognize it was simply a $19.99 item of cloth from Target, but we nothing throw things away in this family) so I uncovered these males a little of a journey from Elk Grove. He regulated to dominate every one of the stunner inner welds, job-related with the special device in the neck that made the sway earlier and forth and also get the brand-new box (same music) installed. So currently my daughter has actually her favorite toy ago with the exact same music and talks about taking “Sophie” come the “Doctor” in ~ the snow globe store

Delightful store, delightful owners!!! Beautiful distinct special items. I execute quite a bit of mine Christmas and event shopping below – they have actually a curio box in the back side room v the sale items and have exorbitant collectibles. Ns myself do not collect however I do so love the distinctive snow globes and also specialty music items which I acquisition for friends and also family. They also wrap for you complimentary of charge!!!!! very recommended, the is so fun to peruse every the cool merchandise!!! Shop local and support our neighborhood businesses!!!


Order virtual or come and also visit us in beautiful Sutter Creek, California, the heart of the gold Country! ours shop is full of hundreds of magical items.

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With over 3 years of experience, ours customer service is top of the line. Our score is her satisfaction and also for you to love your purchase and also visit us again. 



Sending a distinct gift to someone? let us administer beautiful, cost-free gift wrap, add to a totally free gift card v your personal sentiment inside.