If all the world’s a stage, “then who has far better props 보다 antique stores and auction galleries?” asks Brown.

photo of Paul Brown of collection 63 and Auction Kings. Photograph by the discovery Channel.

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How has actually the media and popular culture affected the method Americans think about auctions and antiques? and what is it like to job-related on a well-known TV display selling few of the most unusual – and also iconic – goods in the world? Auction everyday spoke v Paul Brown of Gallery 63 and also star that the discovery Channel’s Auction Kings to get his firsthand take on these topics. 

Auction Daily: please tell the Auction everyday readers about Gallery 63.

Paul Brown: us are situated in Atlanta, GA, and hold monthly auctions. This days, we specialize in distinctive collectibles, deluxe decorative arts, good art, jewelry, and couture items. However it transforms monthly. Periodically we have actually coins, vital documents, and all path of history’s mysteries. This day my son, Elijah Brown, manages the company, and also I keep an attention in collection 63 in one advisory capacity.

Our service grew considerably when we moved to our existing location in 2006. We began marketing to lure an even better class the consignment. We began regularly illustration 300+ people to our sales. We included jewelry and also fine rugs and also began managing museum deaccessions and upscale home furnishings. We also served cost-free beer!

18K WG custom 3.75 CTTW an elaborate Yellow Diamond Ring available in gallery 63’s June 28th mansions auction. Picture courtesy of the auction house.

Auction Daily: What are some of the many memorable too many you’ve sold? execute you hold any records?

Paul Brown: i don’t even know wherein to begin. We’ve sold every little thing from a handwritten letter indigenous Robert E. Lee come Ulysses S. Grant to the DeLorean from back to the Future come a strand that Princess Diana’s pearls come fossilized coprolites (dinosaur poop) and virtually everything in between. In terms of records, ns don’t know if everyone keeps monitor of this type of thing, yet we’ve doubtlessly sold an ext bizarre items on TV 보다 anyone rather on the planet. That that, i’m certain.

Auction Daily: Your organization was featured top top the TV routine Auction Kings ~ above the exploration Channel. Deserve to you give our readers part background on just how this come about? Why carry out you think the regime was for this reason successful?

Auction Kings and Paul Brown. Picture by the exploration Channel.

Paul Brown: We got the fist of a production firm who was working with discovery in 2009. I had actually pitched a similar concept a year earlier however didn’t get much traction in ~ the time, and I quickly forgot around it as I went follow me running the business. So i filmed a sizzle reel reflecting the gallery, mine employees, and some amazing pieces, and sent it come the manufacturing company. Lock edited it and also passed it follow me to Discovery. The network authorized a pilot episode (which never ever aired) and deliberated about making together a show. Castle got back to me in ~ a few days and also decided that they loved it. In fact, they loved it so much that castle green-lit 26 illustration of what would become known together Auction Kings! It originally was referred to as Bidder Rivals however I didn’t prefer the name. I driven for a change, and also I got it.

26 is a staggering number of episodes come commit to because that production, together it entails a many of capital to begin an unproven ide from scratch. Additional complicating it, TV manufacturing likes certainty; to know how things will revolve out. However in an auction, there is no method to regulate outcomes. Sometimes, we’d follow things we thought would hit a residence run only to see it fizzle ~ above the block. Other times, there were ‘dark horse’ items that finished up ringing the bell ~ above auction day. This type of suspicion was complicated for the producers, but I loved it, and it ultimately made for great TV. Nothing compares through the thrill the auction day. Sellers room nervous, buyers are nervous, and also there is actual tension and also energy in the room. The camera can pick that anxiety up.

We began filming in the feather of 2010, and also the an initial episode aired in October of that year. I remember that well as we featured a 19th-century Vampire killing kit and also broke part network ratings records. It was a an excellent experience for me, and we went on come film four full seasons comprising 96 episodes with 2014. Needless come say, it enhanced an currently growing business and also created part memories to last a lifetime.

I always thought of our show, and others in the genre, together able come cut across all demographics. No matter how you analyze it, we’ve all got stuff – and also we’re all interested in that origin and value. In retrospect, I’d argue that it’s even much more valuable today. Items present our shared history as a civilization, and there is power in that. And who doesn’t love it as soon as they discover out what other is worth?

Georg Jensen huge Sterling Grape Compote 264A accessible in gallery 63’s June 28th mansions auction. Picture courtesy that the auction house.

Auction Daily: just how did TV production change the means you performed your core auction home business?

Paul Brown: We adapted pretty well, once we established where to put every one of the people. Ns had regularly referred come auctions together “theaters the capitalism” prior to Auction Kings, and production only evidenced that feeling. If Shakespeare to be right once he wrote that ”All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women simply players,” then that has far better props 보다 antique stores and auction galleries? Plus, the usual auction patron is often the form that marches to his own beat. Eccentrics make superior guest stars. Plus, we offered a many t-shirts.

Auction Daily: Finally, perform you think TV shows favor Auction Kings, Pawn Stars, and Antiques Roadshow have affected the means the publicly thinks about auctions and also antiques?

Paul Brown: ns firmly believe that every one of those mirrors showcase the an excellent treasure hunt that we take part in. Every weekend, millions of us head the end to neck stores, markets, legacy sales, and also auctions looking for that elusive find. Shows like these highlight the thrill of that hunt, and also celebrate the sometimes trophy. Today, virtually every little thing is available from ours smartphone, but what the digital change cannot replicate is the actual occasion of walk out, digging around old stores, basements, attics, fields, and also auction houses. I’m pleased to say that that kind of activity is quiet alive and well in the 21st century. The points we sell and the things we seek just aren’t available on Amazon, and for that, ns grateful.

Gallery 63 is located at 2152 Faulkner Road, Atlanta, GA 30324. They deserve to be got to by phone at 404-600-3445 or by email at . Because of the present COVID-19 situation, gallery 63’s facility is not open up to the public, through all auctions emerging online only. Interested collectors can consider pieces native the auction house’s Estates indigenous Seized for sure Boxes Cont’d event, with live bidding starting on June 28th in ~ 11:00AM EST. For an ext information, visit your website.

UPDATE, APRIL 2021: Gallery 63 in Atlanta, Georgia, has actually retained its position of auction home royalty regardless of today’s challenging COVID-19 organization climate. Paul from Auction Kings organized a whopping 11 premier sales in 2020 and also is on track because that monthly sales in 2021. Collection 63 enjoys a well-deserved global reputation because that tempting buyers through elite brands, deluxe items, and fine and legacy decorative arts.

Although it seems counterintuitive, 2020 was actually a good year because that these premier auction categories, and also Gallery 63 was in a position to capture this momentum. The company’s 2020 sales highlights contained a Cartier-attributed Panther Panthere cuff bracelet, i beg your pardon traded hands for $34,100 ~ above December 6th, and also a 1978 Porsche 911 Targa, which made $31,000 top top October 4th.

What factors permitted these successes? since of COVID-19 restrictions, countless restaurants, concerts, skilled sporting events, template parks, cruises, and also other society venues have actually been entirely or partially shuttered due to the fact that March 2020. Unable to leaving their residences for fun, enthusiasm were looking for places to spend their discretionary funds and “treat themselves” come something sparkly, fast, or glamorous. Bidding at auction online from their living rooms or kitchen tables was a safe, novel, and entertaining thing to do.

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