The following time you check out a present at the Landmark Theatre, girlfriend can emphasis on the nuances the the story or the beauty, beauty of the music instead of the pains in her knees or the throbbing in her backside.

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The downtown theatre this month is putting the finishing touches on a $2.4 million renovation the will include a renovated marquee at the entrance.

But the significant piece the the task is inside: The old seats have actually been ripped out and replaced with brand-new ones the are, well, comfortable.

“As lengthy as I’ve been here, the seats have actually been a concern,” stated Landmark executive Director Mike Intaglietta. “I know an ext about theater seats than I ever before wanted to.”

The brand-new seats, the very first replacements in the theater’s 93-year history, need to be ready later this month, Intaglietta said. That would be simply in time for the upcoming Broadway in season, which starts Oct. 12 with “Charlie and also the coco Factory.” The season likewise includes the first-ever manufacturing of “Hamilton.” (See schedule below).

The seat at the Landmark, particularly those in the balcony, have actually been a sore allude for patrons because that years. One when wrote a letter in i m sorry he said “Les Miserables” was not just the surname of the show he saw, but a summary of those theatergoers sit in the upper level seats.

The balcony seat were well-known for being especially narrow, with practically no legroom. Also the reduced level orchestra seat left a lot to be preferred in the area of comfort.

That’s not surprising: The seats the were torn out this summer day to the opening of the Landmark in 1928. They’d to be reupholstered — at least once still ― but were otherwise original, Intaglietta said.


The Landmark Theatre in has finally replaced the chairs because that the very first time because 1928. The original aisle ends have actually been refurbished and also repainted as well. Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2021. Katrina Tulloch | ktulloch

But, because that a lengthy time, the history worked versus replacing them. The theater is a registered historical landmark, and all renovations should take that into account. The brand-new seating adheres to the deep red shade scheme, for example, and retains the decorate “aisle ends,” which received a brand-new paintjob.

And the Landmark likewise wanted to make improvements without sacrifice too plenty of seats. In the end, the renovation has 2,754 seats, a fall of much less than 100 from the initial configuration.

“So we got some comfort and also a small legroom without shedding too lot capacity,” Intaglietta said.

In addition, the building’s structure presents problems. The steps and risers top top the balcony, for example, are poured concrete, and couldn’t it is in adjusted.

The seating contractor, Irwin Seating Co. Of cool Rapids, Mich., walk its finest to attend to the obstacles Intaglietta said.

As it was before the renovation, legroom remains better in the orchestra than in the balcony. However even in the balcony, improvements incorporate slightly less depth in the chair backs, and a rise in the edge of the seat bottoms. The balcony seats space also wider than the old ones.

That should median an advancement in the long-standing complain that balcony patrons regularly had your knees increase in their faces during performances. Still, the greater levels that the balcony stay tight. The Landmark’s crate office will proceed to administer warnings of minimal legroom in some rows, Intaglietta said.

“In numerous places transparent the theater, human being should notification they’ve acquired at the very least a couple of inches the space,” Intaglietta said. “But the higher you go, the less room there is.”


Tina Niles and also Jim Curry try out the new chairs at the Landmark Theatre in top top Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2021. The seat hadn't been replaced due to the fact that 1928. Katrina Tulloch | ktulloch

The marquee renovation, meanwhile, has actually undergone part changes, and may not be finish by the moment of the first show, Intaglietta said. The seats and marquee improvements are paid because that by a $2 million state grant and donations from several local foundations.

Other renovations going on now include brand-new lighting and also upgrades come the ventilation system, which to be planned prior to Covid however will assist with the existing need for much better air circulation.

The last major renovation at the Landmark to be a $16 million project in 2011 the greatly expanded its phase and permitted it to host the sort of big-time Broadway mirrors it couldn’t publication in the past. Those include major productions prefer “Wicked,” “The book of Mormon” and “The Lion King,” which require several tractor-trailers that sets, equipment and also costumes.

The theater has been closed through much of the pandemic, however its return this season includes a new economic boost: four of the touring carriers will use the Landmark and also the surrounding Redhouse Arts center for extra main of technical and also other rehearsals this season.

That will bring cast, crew and also staff to downtown’s hotels, restaurants and also shops for number of weeks or a month for each the those shows, generating an approximated $10 million in new downtown spending.

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