The Collaborative worldwide Dictionary Word definitions in The cooperation International dictionary Hinny \Hin"ny\, n.; pl. Hinnies . A hybrid in between a stallion and also an ass; -- correlative that the mule .

Wiktionary Word interpretations in Wiktionary Etymology 1 n. The hybrid offspring that a stallion (male horse) and a she-ass (female donkey). Etymology 2 vb. Come whinny Etymology 3 n. (context Geordie English) A hatchet of endearment generally for women.

Douglas Harper"s Etymology Dictionary Word meanings in Douglas Harper"s Etymology thesaurus "offspring that a stallion and a she-ass," 1680s, from Latin hinnus , native Greek innos, ginnos , the unknown origin.

WordNet Word meanings in WordNet n. Sterile offspring the a male horse and a female cheat or ass

Wikipedia Word interpretations in Wikipedia ""The indigenous hinny is additionally a ax of endearment used in North eastern England , tantamount to love husband ; view Geordie and Mackem ."" A hinny is a domestic equine hybrid the is the offspring of a male steed , a stallion , and also a female cheat , a jenny. That is the...

consumption examples the hinny.

Fancy a confident country-girl--supreme in her very own district over the Hobs and also Hinnies thereabouts--in problem with the adroit man of the world, and also you have the whole background of Margaret Cooper, and the an enig of she misfortune.

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All hinnies in quest of water wore those padded weezes on their crowns in ar of your usual bonnets.

I knew nothing about that horse except that a hinny to be the sterile worry of stallion and also jenny, many like a mule however prettier, yet already I was eager to ride her.

He stared at the Hinny, the many beautifully structured mare ever to be watched in our village.

But the Hinny surveyed him through such uncanny certainty that he could not protest further.

The Hinny ate from my hand, and also how ns wished she could be mine for life, yet I knew she was only on loan.

I wanted to conserve Snowflake, but I wanted likewise to be a tiny longer with the Hinny, and to experience an ext of the magic that the inner wilds that Phaze.

The Hinny came and nuzzled me, and also I to be ashamed for the I had actually let her fight while ns did naught.

Then the boy came to minister to the Hinny, that was on the ground, she knees frozen.

Snowflake grazed beside the Hinny, that watched out for her in the path of a dam, and also I knew the foal would not involved harm.

A snow demon had fired a freeze-spell at the Blue Adept, and also it had captured the Hinny and damaged her knees.

Lady speak a pale blue mare, the offspring that the foal the the Hinny and also the Blue Stallion.

Sometimes out in the fields we assumed we glimpsed the Hinny, and our hearts yearned towards her, yet never come she nigh.

Never did I see him for this reason angry, because that the Hinny had been his admiration since the instant he witnessed her first.

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When he experienced the Hinny he provided a an excellent cry that agony and also fell upon her, acquisition her head in his arms, and also the tears flowed down his face.