The main characters are the members of Laura"s instant family members. Charles Ingalls was reportedly his daughter"s favorite—and also she his. In this story, Pa is rugged, hardworking, and also skilled. He sets traps, shoots animals for food, plants and harvests, butchers, builds, and travels to tvery own to sell furs. But finest of all, Pa is fun to be through. Although Ma supposedly takes pains to store her little bit girls entertained with paper dolls and pancake males, Laura declares, "The ideal time of all was at night, when Pa came home." Pa roughhouses via the girls, jokes, plays his fiddle, and tells tales. He knows the girls love to be "scared" by his games and also stories, also as his presence renders them feel secure. Fair and also openminded, he is all for "development," and the later on books of the series disclose that he hopes for bigger challenges farther west.

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Ma, a slender, graceful woguy, likes points to be pretty. Regardless of all her houseoccupational, she takes the trouble to color and also mold the butter; she gazes happily at bolts of new calico. Her china shepherdess, placed on a shelf made by Pa, presides over a civilized residence. Ma is positive, firm, and also flexible. She expects the girls to carry out their chores, and also she trains them to have actually great character as well as to "act choose ladies." In a crisis— such as the night once she and also Laura accomplish a bear—Ma keeps her composure, however she is humale sufficient to cry and laugh later on.

Ma and Pa divide their duties in a smoothly running family members. Clat an early stage they favor and also respect each various other. They provide for the family members and also recognize how to survive. Resourceful in entertaining their kids, Ma and also Pa carry out every little thing ssuggest but beautifully—at least in Laura"s memory.

The 3 sisters finish the family members. While little is sassist of Baby Carrie, Laura and also her older sister Mary are in many kind of ways opposites. The pretty, blonde Mary is polite, obedient, clean, and also neat; the brunette Laura is active and bold, periodically unmannerly and naughty. When Pa plays "mad dog," Mary screams and shrinks ameans, while Laura leaps to attack.

Laura, from whose suggest of watch the story is viewed, is an intense, observant girl of five. She loves her household and tries to be excellent and dutiful, however periodically she feels selfish, jealous, or fearful. She is bored on Sundays and occasionally overexcited on special occasions. All in all, she is a kid with whom it is easy to recognize.

Family life is one of the most crucial themes. The book mirrors the defense and responsibilities affiliated in both the nuclear and also the extfinished household. Laura percreates her chores, and her parental fees carry out a secure residence for her. In addition, the entire Ingalls clan gets together when work-related needs to be shared; in turn for helping at sugaring and harvesting, each clan member feels a feeling of belonging and draws stamina from the family members unit.

Also crucial is the concept of survival on the frontier. Although the world of the Big Woods aid one another, they do not depfinish on devices, produced objects, or outsiders for their survival. Their day-to-day equipment and also their entertainment are handmade. Wilder shows the delight that the Big Woods world take in their competence.

Not all is sweetness, however. Rivalry, jealousy, and competition flare up among the youngsters. Laura envies Mary her yellow hair. At a family members gathering, she and her cousin, also named Laura, argue hotly around whose baby sister is prettier. The adults, well conscious of the problem, urge unselfishness and sharing. This is even more than a issue of politeness: on the frontier, wbelow teamwork is frequently the vital to survival, such attributes are crucial.

Although the bigger humale neighborhood is essential, the Ingallses seem to come right into call even more regularly via animals. Their perspectives towards wild and residential pets carry out an additional important design template. Except for avoiding her ears when the hogs are killed, Laura is not squeamish around the butchering or searching of pets. Still, she periodically feels sentimental around them and is glad as soon as her father decides not to kill the deer he sees in the moonlight. Bear stories provide both comedy and a reminder that the risk of the wild is constantly present. Just as the residence is surrounded by wolves and also deer, so the story itself is framed through references to deer. The first points Laura sees at the beginning of the book are the deer carcasses hanging from the tree. One of the last scenes is that of the deer in the woods that Pa decides not to shoot.

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Time is among the most emotional themes of the book. Laura Ingalls Wilder, looking ago sixty years upon a people that had vaniburned even prior to she started writing about it, memorializes that world in the "Auld Lang Syne" sung by Pa at the end of the novel. But little bit Laura, age 5, stays in the here-andcurrently. As she drifts to sleep at the end of the book, she claims, "Now is currently. It deserve to never be a long time back." On the one hand also, the seasonal cycle never before changes: fall will certainly constantly be harvest time. On the various other hand also, whatever changes: Pa looks at new machinery and also talks around progress; children grow older. The visibility of these 2 views of time lends anxiety and also power to the novel.