John Cena is probably the ideal rapper WWE has seen. He released his first album girlfriend Can’t check out Me in 2005, which increased to immediate success ~ above Billboard 200 charts. ‘Basic Thuganomics’ also popularly recognized as indigenous Life was john Cena’s an initial theme song. ‘My Time Is Now’ is the brand-new John Cena theme track which he supplies for his entrance in the WWE ring. Similar to his old theme track Word Life, mine Time Is currently is likewise sung by man Cena.

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Here is the video clip of the brand-new John Cena design template song - ‘My Time Is Now’


This the video of the old man Cena theme tune - ‘Basic Thuganomics’


Lyrics: my Time Is Now

Your time is up, my time is now 

You can’t check out me, mine time is now. Its the franchise, Boy, ns shining now. You can’t check out me, my time is now.

In case you forgot, or fell off, i’m still hot. Hit your shell off. My money stack fat, plus i can’t turn the swell off. The franchise doing big business, i live this.is automatic I victory this so you hear those horns that finish. A soldier and I remain under girlfriend fighting, cause ns stormin’ on you chumps prefer thunder and also lightning. Ain’t no way you breaking me kid, ns harder 보다 nails. Plus I save it ~ above lock choose I’m part of the jail. I’m slaughtering stale competition. I obtained the whole block wishing they can run with my division. But, they gone fishing through no bait. Can’t her boy hold weight? I got my soul straight. Ns brush her mouth choose Colgate. In any kind of weather, I’m never better, your boy is so hot. You’ll never catch me in the next man’s sweater. And if castle hate, let ‘em hate. Ns drop their whole clan. Lay her *** under for the three 2nd tan.

Your time is up, my time is now You can’t check out me, mine time is now. Its the franchise, Boy, ns shining now. You can’t view me, my time is now.

Yeah. Um, it’s gon’ be, what that gon’ be. Five pounds of ship buddy, base tan pants v a gold tee. Ugh, the a battle dance and also victory step. Of all stances, a gift and you urge it’s my rep. John Cena, Trademarc, you’ll are so so we talked around the bread friend make. But don’t recognize the recipe for dough though. Aiming guns in all her photos, it is a no-no. When this pop your lip lock, your large tocks a tumultuous no display See what happens as soon as the ice period melt. You monetary status is not what matters, yet it helps. I absent a time piece by Benny if any. The same factor ya’ll can love me is the same reason ya’ll guilty of me. A guy is measure by the method that he thinks not garments lines, ice cream links, leather, and also minks. I spent 20 plus years seeking understanding of self. So for now Marc documents living life because that wealth.

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Your time is up, mine time is now You can’t watch me, my time is now. Its the franchise, Boy, i’m shining now. You can’t watch me, my time is now.