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You could have heard about the watermelon and also milk drink i m sorry has acquired a lot of popularity in the past couple of days. As result of the summer season in place, people are experimenting with different species of refreshing and tasty drinks. Milk is most likely the healthiest the all and watermelon certain tops the perform of must-have fruit in this hot season. Regardless of having this benefits, spend watermelon and milk is no a great idea. Below are a couple of reasons i beg your pardon will help you number out why these two items should never be combined together:

Stomach Discomfort


Watermelon and milk room usually avoided since of the stomach problems they deserve to trigger. Many world drink the mix in summers, in i beg your pardon milk, watermelon, and roohafza are blended. Though the drink tastes absolutely amazing, some human being experience problems such together stomach aches and discomfort after spend the drink.

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According to Ayurveda, watermelon and milk are of "viruddh" or the opposite nature. Milk is claimed to be of "madhur" or sweet nature, while watermelon is an ext towards the citric nature. Hence, combining these 2 together can lead come stomach issues and also digestive problems.

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Gas Problems

Though each human body reacts differently, but it still might experience gas related problems after spend watermelon and also milk together. Watermelon is a really healthy fruit with lots of vitamins A and C, potassium, magnesium. It also contains straightforward sugar which is conveniently digested and is composed of 96% of water, i beg your pardon is why it doesn’t remain for too lengthy in her stomach.


On the other hand, milk is wealthy in fat, Vitamin D, and also proteins. So, if you mix watermelon and milk together, acidic materials of watermelon can bind the protein existing in milk, which will certainly make the mix stay in her stomach for long. This can further give increase to gas leading to loosened motions in countless people.

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Consuming watermelon and also milk can also give rise to difficulties like nausea and also bloating. You can experience such a situation when watermelon and also milk continue to be in her stomach for long. Together the nature of both the food items space opposite, your body takes a while to adjust to it. Commonly bloating is caused when her body retains water. Water retention happens as soon as your body fears dehydration. Ironically, the only way to cure water retention is by drinking an ext water.

You must always remember that everybody is various from another and also you might not experience any type of issue after drinking the combination. Top top the various other hand, some world might be an ext sensitive in the direction of a details food mix and their bodies can react differently. Thus, girlfriend must always check even if it is a specific food suits your body or not before consuming it in large quantities.

Benefits Of having actually Watermelon and also Milk Separately


As said above, watermelon and milk both are very healthy food commodities when consumed separately. Watermelon is a storehouse of important vitamins, together with antioxidants and also amino acid citrulline. Citrulline is best known in the sporting world due to the fact that it help the athletes in boosting their performance. Thus, you have the right to consume diced watermelon for raised strength and muscles. Watermelon juice, when consumed in summers, renders it an remarkable detox drink.

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Packed with nutrients and also minerals, milk has a lengthy list of health and wellness benefits. Drinking milk help in maintaining bone health and is additionally said to protect against osteoporosis. Milk has actually been often defined as a "whole meal" in itself since of its nutrient capacity. You have the right to either have actually it cold or drink a cup of warm milk before going to bed. Drinking warm milk prior to bed helps in much better sleep and also aids the digestive process.

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