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Unfortunately, through the current database the runs this site, i don"t have data around which senses of ~term~ room used many commonly. I"ve gained ideas around how to solve this yet will require to find a resource of "sense" frequencies. Hopefully there"s sufficient info over to assist you recognize the component of decided of ~term~, and guess at its most common usage.

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Word Type

For those interested in a small info around this site: it"s a side job that I developed while working on explicate Words and Related Words. Both the those projects are based approximately words, however have much grander goals. I had actually an idea because that a website that simply defines the word species of the words that you find for - similar to a dictionary, yet focussed top top the part of decided of the words. And since I already had a the majority of the facilities in ar from the other two sites, i figured that wouldn"t be as well much much more work to acquire this up and running.

The thesaurus is based upon the amazing Wiktionary task by wikimedia. I initially started with WordNet, yet then realised the it was lacking many varieties of words/lemma (determiners, pronouns, abbreviations, and also many more). This resulted in me to inspection the 1913 version of Websters thesaurus - i m sorry is now in the public domain. However, after ~ a day"s job-related wrangling it into a database i realised the there were much too numerous errors (especially with the part-of-speech tagging) because that it to it is in viable because that Word Type.

Finally, ns went back to Wiktionary - i m sorry I currently knew about, however had been avoiding because it"s not correctly structured because that parsing. That"s as soon as I stumbled throughout the UBY job - an amazing project which needs more recognition. The researchers have parsed the whole of Wiktionary and also other sources, and also compiled every little thing into a single unified resource. I merely extracted the Wiktionary entries and also threw them right into this interface! for this reason it take it a little much more work than expected, but I"m happy I maintained at it after the first pair of blunders.

Special thanks to the contributors of the open-source password that was supplied in this project: the UBY job (mentioned above),
mongodb and also express.js.

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Currently, this is based upon a version of wiktionary i m sorry is a few years old. I arrangement to upgrade it to a more recent version soon and also that update should carry in a bunch of brand-new word senses for numerous words (or more accurately, lemma).