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Chem 1110 - chapter 2: Atoms, Molecules, and also IonsPractice Quiz 5

1. Elemental phosphorus is developed from calcium phosphate in the following reaction. What is the coefficient because that C once this equation is balanced with the smallest totality number coefficients
?Ca3(PO4)2 + SiO2 + C ---> P4 + CO + CaSiO3a) 10b) 3c) 1d) 6e) 42. What is the sum of ALL coefficients as soon as the complying with equation is balanced, using the smallest whole number coefficients? do not forget coefficients that "one".Ag + H2S + O2 ---> Ag2S + H2Oa) 9b) 10c) 11d) 12e) 143. Identify the INCORRECT declare below:a) In the most an essential sense, the properties of the elements are periodic functions of their atomic weight. b) The periodic law of the elements was very first noted through Mendeleev and also Meyer in the mid-1800"s. C) The upright columns that the regular chart are referred to as groups, sharing similar properties. D) elements with atom numbers of 9, 17, 35, and 53 are members that the halogen family, definition "salt formers." e) elements Li, B, N and F space all in the same period. 4. I beg your pardon of the following species is potassium hypobromite?a) KBrO4b) KBrO2c) KBrO3d) KBrO5. I m sorry of the following matched pairs of name and formula has actually an error?a) SnBr2 is tin(II) bromideb) FeCl3 is ferric chloridec) Mn2O3 is manganese(II) oxided) CuS is copper(II) sulfide6. In 1977 a relatively unstable oxoacid the nitrogen to be prepared called pernitric acid. Which of the following would be the exactly formula because that pernitric acid?a) HNO2b) HNO3c) HNO5d) HNO4e) HNO7. I m sorry of the following compounds are named INCORRECTLY?a) NaClO2 / sodium chloriteb) Fe2O3 / iron(III) oxidec) SO3 / sulfur trioxided) H2SO3 / sulfurous acide) HBrO4 / bromic acid8. Identify the INCORRECT statement concerning the routine table. A) The nature of the aspects are periodic function of your atomic number.b) The periodic law was an initial noted by Mendeleev and also Meyer in the mid- 1800"s.c) facets with z = 2 and 10 have comparable properties.d) elements in horizontal rows have comparable properties.e) The facet magnesium is one alkaline earth metal.9. Which ranking below gives elements in the order MOST metallic to LEAST? a) F > C > Al > Na > Csb) Na > Cs > Al > C > Fc) Al > Na > Cs > F > Cd) Cs > Na > Al > C > FQUESTIONS #10-15: enhance with the best answer. 10. High electric conductivity 11. Great thermal insulation 12. Brittle in the hard state 13. Have tendency to lose electrons in forming compounds 14. Type covalently external inspection molecules with one an additional 15. Are insulators at short T and conductors in ~ high T a) metalsb) non-metalsc) metalloidsQUESTIONS #16-21: indicate which compounds are called CORRECTLY or INCORRECTLY. 16. Na2S = salt sulfate 17. H2SO3 = sulfurous acid 18. NaOCl = sodium hypochlorate 19. N2O5 = dinitrogen pentoxide 20. Cu2O = copper (II) oxide 21. HNO2 = nitrous mountain a) CORRECTb) INCORRECT22. Which of the following is one alkaline earth metal?a) Zrb) Snc) Cad) Lie)Th23. I m sorry element and also group room NOT CORRECTLY matched?a) Sb/metalloidb) Kr/noble gasc) Al/alkali metald) F/halogene) Ca/alkaline planet metal24. I beg your pardon of the following matched pairs of name and also formula has an error?a) Mn2O3, manganese(II) oxideb) FeCl3, iron(III) chloridec) SnBr2, tin(II) bromided) CuS, copper(II) sulfidee) CrO, chromium(II) oxide25. I m sorry of the following matched bag of name and also formula has an error?a) N2O4, dinitrogen tetroxideb) P4O6, phosphorus hexoxidec) OF2, oxygen difluorided) NO, nitrogen oxidee) Mn2O7, manganese(VII) oxide26. What is the correct surname for NH4ClO3?a) nitrogen chlorateb) tetraammonium trichloridec) nitrogen tetrahydro chlorine trioxided) tetraammonium chlorited) ammonium chlorate27.

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I beg your pardon of the following matched pairs of name and formula has actually an error?a) H3PO4, phosphoric acidb) H2SO3, sulfurous acidc) HClO, hypochlorous acidd) HClO4, perchloric acide) HNO3, nitrous acid28. I m sorry of the complying with matched pairs of name and formula has actually an error?a) Al(NO2)3, aluminum nitrateb) BaSO3, barium sulfitec) Cr(SCN)3, chromium(III) thiocyanated) N2O3, dinitrogen trioxide e) P4O10, tetraphosphorus decoxide